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Why would you care if the MEK carries out acts of "Terror" against the Islamic Republic?


As long as I can possbily remember it has been drilled into the Iranian national psyche that the MEK are "Terrorists". My family who were opponents of the catastrophic revolution of the 1979 (The Iranian Al-Nakba) hated Rajabi and his ilk for helping to topple the Shah and paving the way for Khomeini. They are worse than the mullahswas the motto used agains them  because they represented a fervent blend of Marxism and Islam and they certainly did have blood on their hands with their underground guerrila terrorist movement supported by Palestinian fedayin and militant Marxist organisations. But they were no match for Savak and the Shah and before long this group of rag-tag freedom fighters were thrown into jail or killed. Most people who support the Islamic Republic would hardly call their actions against the Shah as "terrorists" and even expressed solidarity wirth them.


So when did the MEK become Terrorists? Why does Trita Parsi and his Islamic Republic mouthpiece in the USA, NIAC, warning US law makers not to de-list them as a Terrorist group? Are they opposed on the grounds of their pre-revolutionary activities or their bloody campaign against the mullahs following the revolution? People like Parsi and almost everyone else who calls the MEK "Terroruists" have no love for the Shah so therefore it is when the MEK turned "bad" when they stuck two fingers at Khomeini and refused to be pushed round unlike the limp wrist effite Bazargan and BaiSadr who flew the coop.


To be honest, I couldn't give a rats ass if the MEK waged a campaign of "Terror" agais the Islamic Republic. For a regime that has killed more than one million Iranians by cranes and firing squads why should I care about the acts of "Terror" against terrorists like Behesthti or the attempted murder of the current opium smoker-fast-tracked-into Ayatollah-fake 'Seyed'-one-time-street-bum Ali Khamenei? 


Not wishing to take sides against Rajavi's mad Islamic Marxists and Khomeini's barbaric Islamic theocracy but hitory is clear as to who drew first blood. It was Khomeini's revolutionary thug who picked a fight with the MEK  resenting its influence in universities. Once Khomein's finished giving orders to kill monarchists, generals of the Shah, drug users and killing adulterers by stoning he turned on the Left killing the Tudeh, supporters of Mossadeq nationalist movement and the MEK. Accordign to British human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC who carried out a Parliamentary investigation of the 1988 political massacres the terrorist revolutionary guard killed  almost a 100 pro-MEK supporters when turned out in support of Bani Sadr. This was the trigger movement which started a tit for tat campaign between the Terrorist Islamic Republic and the MEK with the latter planting a bomb at the Islamic Republic Headquarters killing the scum Beheshti and other disgusting Ayatollah fans who already had their hands drenched in blood. Khomeini's despicable regime then began with a waive of executions in the thousands of anyone who was remotely "sympathetic" to the MEK including young women and children of 13 who were distributing flyers.In other words any one which they regime did not like.  Fanatical mullahs such as Ayatollah Gillani even ordered the execution of two of his own sons. The genocide of Khomeini's regime did not stop there and his piece de resistance of his Terror was the killing of upto 30,000 political prisoners in the notorious prison purges where Leftists, commuists, athiests and opponents of the regime of all types were systematically murdered by firing squads or hanging en masse. Their bodies were taken into refrigerator trucks and then dumped into mass graves.


And yet Trita Parsi (Tariq Al-Farsi) wants you to believe that the MEK is more of a threat to Iranians than the Islamic Republic which has killed over a million people through its 34 years of Terror? This is a regime that has killed more people than the massacre in Srebenica. This is a regime which has carried out genocide to its own people on the scale of Rwanda and yet Trita Parsi wants to convince you that the IRCG are not terrorists but the MEK is. How do you figure? It is the MEK which is having its ass kicked by the Mullah's puppet regime in Iraq in Camp Liberty once two years ago and the other seven days ag.


Defenders of the Islamic Republic Terror regime would often point fingers at the MEK for its treachery by accepting the hospitality of the Saddam Hussein's regime but refuse to condemn the PLO and Yasser Arrafat when it leached money out of Iran when Khomeini came to power and then kissed and hugged Saddam. It squanders money and gives oil for free to Assad in Syria when the tyrant of Damascus supported his Ba'ath party comrade in Iraq to the hilt when Saddam was bombarding civilian targets in Iran. This is the regime which continues to prostitute itself to Russia which stole Azarbaijan and Turkmanistan from Iran and invaded our "Muslim brothers" in Afghanistan without the slightest protest by Khomeini and yet I am supposed to sing the chorus of dissaporoval against the MEK and Maryam Rajavi? Go fuck yourself!


So I'll ask again




As much as I hate the MEK's Ali Shariati style  political ideology and their responsibility for causing the calamity of the revolution they at least have set an example of how you actually fight tyranny unlike the weak irrelevant opposition of other Iranian political groups including our sovereign "Reza Pahlavi" with more 'civil disobedience' clap trap.


Even if its is true that the  MEK is used as a tool to fight and kill Mullahs: GOOD.


Even if you hate the MEK let them fight and correct the mistake they made 34 years ago.



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Precisely Mehrban. And not only have they embedded into our psyche that the MEK is the mother of all evil but also that we must hate Israel and support Palestinians. The PLO are fighting a war of liberation against Israel our 'enemy' while the Islqmic Republic is perfectly at peace of being a whore to Russia and the Soviet Union while they steal our land, control of the Caspian and invade Afghanistan our Farsi speaking 'Muslim' brothers who were once part of the Persian Empire. We have to hate the MEK even though they are being slaughtered wholesale in Camp Ashraf and now Camp Liberty and we HAVE to hate Israel even if most other Muslim countries have come to accept her existence. Let the Palestinians take our money and cheer on Saddam its OK because we have been brainwashed to believe the worthiness of their cause. Let the Russians steel our land and fuck us over and over again becauee they are not Jewish.



My bet is that you are not going to get much traction here because this is a rational, reasonable blog on the issue of MEK and as such it is a taboo. As you have cleverly figured out, the IR propaganda machine has so ingrained the hatred of MEK in the minds of un-assuming Iranians, many would not dare to discuss them out side of knee jerk, dismissive reactions. I am really glad that someone else is questioning all the hoopla about MEK too.

On threads that did not even go as far as yours, if one would make a simple comment such as MEK should be removed from the Terrorist designation so they could get out of the hell hole of Ashraf or Liberty, at least one of the NIAC gens d'arms would rush in like a bat out of hell and brand you a sympathizer. I am glad you wrote this blog, It is time to talk about MEK in the open.