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why Baird announcing sanction agaisnt Iran in Africa ?


Tuesday, December 11, 2012 why إBaird announcing sanction agaisnt Iran in Africa ?


Canada targets Iranian paramilitary force in new sanctions

my 2 cents on the political move by Baird
Baird and his boss , are playing dangerous game by taking side of Israel and pouring oil on the flames in the Middle East.  Why Baird has to announce the sanction in Africa , particularly Red sea , the region that Iran and Israel are dangerously expanding their military and economic and cultural expansions.,
Last time , Baird announced the sanction against Iran in Israel ( Jan 31-2012)  which has strong political
Is there any reliable, independent expert to tell Harper tugs that they are ruining the Canadian reputation , while Obama is taking distance from the unpopular US past Foreign policy be unpopular in the Middle East and most of the world . who tells Harper that Canadian interest is in alignment 100% with warmonger Netanyahu who systematically rejecting any UN resolution
History will teach Harper and Baird , Also, Canadian will tell their voice on next Federal election 2015.
Saeed Soltanpour


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