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iranian son in law Dr. Behrouz (Brian) Vala Nahed and Vanessa Kerry, daughter of US Secretary of State

After so much criticism about Kerry’s nomination to the position of Secretary of State in Obama’s new cabinet, and Kerry’s positions on Iran and Syria, news reveals that his son-in-law is an Iranian.

Dr. Behrouz (Brian) Vala Nahed and Vanessa Kerry, daughter of US Secretary of State


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khaleh mosheh

He is just so handsome. I wish I could a partner like him-so green with envy I am.



What is a big deal about an Iranian marrying an American? And since when a "politician" is considered “interesting"?

By the way, Said Amin has appeared. He left a comment 19 hours ago. Phew!!! I thought he was kidnapped or something (because of his enormous "material" wealth _ I don't think he gives a darn about personality or "ethical" wealth :-)


Mehrdad A

...A bitter pill to swallow for us that many eminent Iranians have ditched us by changing names and hiding behind in order not to show their Iranian background. This became an imperative for many during the hostage crisis but what about now? I wouldn't bet a cup of coffee on these newbies as Iranian clout...

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Mehrdad A

I don't see any sense of Persian pride in this, and here is why: He has changed a very easy to pronounce, 100% Persian first name to Brian, and modified a Persian last name "Vala Nahad" in order to camouflage his ethnic identity. Others with Iranian descent have purposely even defied their ancestral stock including Andre Agassi. Obviously that's their choice. But it would be deplorable for anyone to pride on superficies of this sort.


Persa این نیز بگذرد

I disagree, even Oscar Wilde when traveled to Turkey and Iran chose a nickname easy to understand: "Asghar Vahshi" اصغر وحشی



Let's go with assigning the nickname "Asghar Vahshi" اصغر وحشی to all the superficial Iranians for making real 'Beriani Kabob' کباب بریانی out of their pretenses!



Could not agree with you more. And who else in the world would have got married with such an ugly looking woman except a 100% superficial so-called Iranian suffering from Attention Deficient Disorder to get some attentions out of his own crowd. Who else, seriously?



Oh! So It is Vala Nahaad! Interesting!



What is "Nahed"? Is that a transformation of Nahid? Does anyone know?



دکتر بهروز والا ناهید فرزند دکتر نوشین پور حسن و دکتر رضا ناهید


Roger_Rabbit Framed

John Kerry and Ali Akbar Salehi: Happy Valentine's Day!