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True Muslims who follow Quran and Hadith have no love for any country and will betray all for Islam. Some like this bevatan Muslim guy rule in Iran, some migrate to the civilized world and still defend Osama and other Muslim terrorists, and some even kill their "countrymen" in civilized world, for Allah.



Even though I'm Just as much against Islam, as I'm against IRI, I know these murderers, use Islam as much as they use Iran just to stay in power, and stil our heritage , and our natural resources. Little they know thier days are numbered. It won't be too long when we can see them hanging in squeres around our beautifil coumtry.


daneshjoo چه آورده رژیمت، شیخ شیاد ++ بغیراز جهل و جور و فقر و بیداد؟

Thank you for this post.
چو دشمن رهبر این کاروان ست // نه ایرانی نه ایران در امانست
ویژگی های آخوند
مشکل جوانان خردمند با آخوند ها چیست؟
چرا ایرانیان از آخوندها متنفرشده اند؟
سایت کتابهای سود مند وممنوع
آخوند نامه- داستان سی و چند سال تاریکی