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The Student Peace Prize 2013 Awarded To Majid Tavakoli





The Committee of The Student Peace Prize awarded its 2013 prize to Majid Tavakoli, the imprisoned Iranian student from Iran.


The Student Peace Prize is awarded biennially to a student or a student organization that has made a significant contribution to creating peace and promoting human rights. The prize is awarded on behalf of all Norwegian students, and is administrated by the Student Peace Prize Secretariat in  Trondheim, which appoints a national nominations committee with representatives from universities and colleges in Norway, as well as an independent Peace Prize Committee that awards the prize. The award ceremony takes place during the International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT).


Majid Tavakoli - "The pride of the university, and an Iranian hero”- is an Iranian student, who is serving a nine-year-long imprisonment because of his criticism of the Iranian regime and his fight for democracy and human rights through speeches and publications. On the 7th of December 2009, the Student Day in Iran, he held a speech where he criticized the government and spoke up for a free Iran.


After his arrest, a photograph of Tavakoli wearing a hijab was published in national press. It was posted by the government to humiliate him, according to some. To support Tavakoli many people posted photos of themselves online wearing a hijab, with the title “We are all Majid”.

Tavakoli continues his battle despite the fact that he has been the victim of torture in prison, and he describes the government as fascistic and despotic. As leader of the Islamic Student Association he has become a symbol of student's resistance against the regime in Iran, even though he is aware of the risk.


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Mona 19 "محبت نور است در هر خانه بتابد و عداوت ظلمت است در هر کاشانه لانه نماید"

Well deserved :)


Ruhany Just another traveller of life ...

: دیدار جمعی از دانشجویان شیراز با خانواده مجید توکلی همزمان با اهدای جایزه صلح دانشجویی


Ruhany Just another traveller of life ...

Majid Tavakoli 16 Azar Speech ~ Tehran 2008:



thank you dear Ruhany. What a courageous human being.


daneshjoo چه آورده رژیمت، شیخ شیاد ++ بغیراز جهل و جور و فقر و بیداد؟

مُلکِ ایران زنده از فریادِ توست

یار دَربَندم، دلم همراه توست
پایدار این کشوراز کردارتوست
جور دِژخیمان تحمل می کنی
عدل و آزادی شعار نابِ توست
کار و عمر و هستیت بخشیده ای
سَربداری بَهرِ مردم کارِ توست
خویش ِ تو دلخسته و افسرده است
کشور اما شوکت و فخرش زتوست
میهنِ ما سرفراز از دانِشت
دشمنان نالان زِ بیداری توست
ای که در بندی، فدای غیرتت
این وطن مدیونِ کوشش های توست
پهلوان ِ حال و فردای منی
مُلکِ ایران زنده از فریادِ توست
راه روشن شد ز جانبازی تو
پای هر آزاده ای در راهِ توست
فکرو پیکارت به ما جان داده است
ملک و ملت وامدار کارِ توست
می کنیم آخر وطن آزاد و شاد
شادی و آزادگی همنام توست
سیاسی محبوبترین مبارزان ایرانند. بی
تردید همه ما آنها را دوست می داریم و محترم می شماریم و کارشان را اساسی و گرامی
می دانیم. ابرازسپاسمان، به شکلهای گوناگون، بر امید آنها، تعداد مبارزان و همگامی
همگانی خواهد افزود. درود بی پایان بر آنها و پاینده ایران

شیخ برو کُلِ نظامت ببر


P_J. An Iranian!

Iran has survived ALL the darkness and adversities that could have possibly be FALLEN on a nation and its people! She has not only persevered, but has tolerated it all, and survived. Despite all those adversities she has never blinked or budged…all because of the heroic men and women of character like Majid Tavakoli who would not allow his principle(s) violated! He well deserves all the credits, prizes and all the accolades!

CONGRATULATIONS to him and people like him!