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"The Looting of the Tehran Museum"


Just google, Renoir's "Gabrielle Avec La Chemise Ouverte". It's not in Tehran!


This painting was such a treasured piece of the TMCA that in Feb 23, 2003 it was excluded in a special request to the Iranian Parliament to sell 10 to 20 'Western" paintings to raise money to buy more Iranian works. By the way, this motion was defeated by the people. The collection is that important to the people of Iran.


Over the years, the explanation of the TMCA officials why the Renoir was never shown is because "Gabrielle's blouse is open" but the real reason is she is no longer there.  Gone!

Originally, the TMCA had an open web site with 151 paintings and 24 sculptures before this recent "sitting" President took office. Once it was taken down, it appears that many pieces have disappeared out the back door. Derain's "L'Age D'Or" original is in New York City in the hands of a private collector while Jasper Johns' "Decoy I", "Decoy II" and "Pinion" are elsewhere as well. There are approximately ten pieces in question.

The TMCA collection was valued at $3 billion.


The "Mullah Mafia" has stolen and transferred overseas over $100 billion in other assets out of Iran. There is no doubt that the Tehran Museum has also been a victim.



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Great news if true!

I just spoke to the Alberto Giacometti Foundation In Paris, as of their 2013 data, based on speaking to the TMCA curator "La Cage" is still in Iran.

In 2009, it was located in the bookstore of the TMCA.

We are working on confirming this.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

I saw master pieces being hanged on the walls of Palaces that are now open to the public with no specific/special security at hand. You may see a couple expired security personals somewhere in the horizon but to bribe them and get the famous art works out doesn't seem to be impossible! So add to that Mafia thingy what I've just said ! Anyone can do that really ! That country is extremely " Khar too Khar "

Thanks for bring this important matter up !


G. Rahmanian

Maybe in the Islamic Republic art is for donkeys, too!!! After all, in this day and age, nothing beats hard currencies.


the whispering wind

The pieces that I am referring to are supposedly secured in a locked vault in the TMCA basement.
Kim Murphy from the LA TIMES did a great article on this. These pieces, being stolen, are worth seven even eight figures.
Each year more and more of the "classics" are no longer shown in the annual exhibit, promoted by the regime. Why? They have joined Gabrielle. Gone!


the whispering wind set the record straight
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It is somewhat remarkable then, according to Parviz Tanavoli, a modern Iranian sculptor and a former Cultural Adviser to the Empress, that the impressive collection was amassed for "tens, not hundreds, of millions of dollars".[12] Today, the value of these holdings are conservatively estimated to be near US$ 2.8 billion.[14]

THis collection was valued at $5 Billion before this looting took place upon this new regime



The Golden Age
Andre Derain - 1905
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Owner/Location: Museum of Modern Art (United States)
Dates: 1905
Dimensions: Height: 176.5 cm (69.49 in.), Width: 189.2 cm (74.49 in.)
Medium: Painting - oil on canvas
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The TMCA "paraded" a replica of this DeRain twice for the World News ABC cameras in the Spring of 2009. Back then, I thought it strange that a "nude" would be shown by the regime. It appears to have been a "Smoke screen". It was either gone then or was on it's way out the "back door" courtesy of the "Mullah Mafia" as was the Renoir.



There is an article today in a London newspaper titled, "Decadent art to be seen in Iran if the nuclear talks go well" by Hugh Tomlinson.

I have the listing from the former TMCA web site of the "original" 151 paintings and 24 sculptures. Remember, this web site was dismantled once paintings grew feet and walked out the back door. Recent articles never mention that Renoir any longer as a part of this collection.

It will be interesting to compare what will be shown and what was formerly present.

Years ago, the collection was valued at $5 billion; now half of that with art prices up. This is another interesting point.

The "Mullah Mafia" have $100 billion in off-shore bank accounts rom various enterprises, legal and illegal. Is this one of them? Good news, art has a paper trail.

Stay tune



An interesting new development just appeared.

The time I wrote this article, a friend confirmed that this Renoir was indeed in Paris.

Today, there is an article with video titled" Schatzsucho in Tehran" by dated Oct 24, 2014. The film footage shows this Renoir or is now present at the TMCA.

Either our reporting pressed the Iranian government to repurchase the Renoir back or the TMCA is staging a "smoke and mirror" exercise with a replica. Only a visit to Paris will decide this.

Nowadays the number of forgeries thought to be originals in museums is staggering!

On a side note, isn't it strange for the Iranian government to allow filming of a nude painting?



Gabrielle can not be in Paris and Tehran at the same time.

Gabrielle avec la chemise ouverte (1907) Kollektioun Durand-Ruel, Paräis