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P_J. An Iranian!

Freestyle Wrestling is and has always been Iran's national sport and my favorite! This sport combined with Greco-Roman have been the national sport of so many countries, i.e. Iran, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and so many others that I can’t even count. Not only that but it was one of the original Olympic events of ancient Greece 2000+ years ago. Can’t understand the wisdom behind the decision of these imbecilic village IDIOTS voting for the continuation of curling and to drop Wrestling!

I am sure that, this decision would not stand!


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

Cooperations in action again !

This sport does not require money and wealth. This sport has attracted people from the poorest class of the society and is the most affordable sport on earth. This is like Running....Why do you think poor Africans are good at Running ... cause it is cheap and do able so Africans more partiipitate in it ... not that it is in their genes ... it is mostly based on the fact that ordinary people can afford to participate! This is a fact in many third world and developing countries in respect to various sports !
It's a shame if this happens. Someone should tell them to get rid of the winter olympic which is meant for the rich, spoiled and 99 percent crowd / countries ! Yes when it comes to the countries we do also have one percent and 99 percent ones !

Shame... Shame ... Shame !


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

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ayatoilet1 B.S. from Argooz U., M.S. from Massachosetts I.T. PhD from Oxfed U; Post Doc @ Kharvard U; Big Shot @ Sheikh Mir Hassan Bank. Plays for a band: Ayatoilet & the Shits. The Supreme Dr. Ayatoilet Kh Kh Kh!

There needs to be a revolution in these global institutions. They have a real democratic deficit. The first thing US, Russia and Iran should do is go after the royalty and aristocrats that make up the un-elected IOC. Get rid of every one of them. No need for them in the 21st Century. There needs to be wholesale transformation of all these global institutions....with guns if necessary. We can only fix global problems by fixing global institutions first. Death to the IOC. Death to the U.N. Make all these institutions much more democratic - and more representative of the world. Break them down into a dozen regional groups and then only hold meetings (whether its the IOC or the UN security council) that have members from each regional group: An EU region, an AU region, USA, Canada, Russia, China, India, Arab League, ASEAN, Central Asian, Latin Union, etc. These aristrocats on the committee need to go - everyone from British Royalty (Princess Anne) to Count Samarach from Spain .... Duke this, and His Royal Highness that ...all gone --- off the IOC, no more bribes, no more corruption --- GONE.