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No, we are not racist!



The other day, I was inflicting some light-hearted satirical wounds upon our resident muslim-hating “Jude” (a German dictionary comes handy); which may have unintentionally offended some of our friendly chosen-people and inheritors-of-earth.


In that case, I should say: Good!


About time that the bunch of you selfish, arrogant, pompous SOBs feel how your brother and sister Shiite, Islamist, fascist and communist must have felt under my kind treatment for the past 4 years.


Nonetheless, I must set the record straight … I am not racist!


I’m just a typical Persian (whatever the fuck it means these days), and naturally very proud of our great imperial heritage (longest unbroken record of pillaging weaker people).


Naturally, I was born and raised in North Tehran, where all the other cool Persians have always lived … since time immemorial. But, I always have been very friendly towards our dumb Turks, cuckold Rashti, stingy Isfahani (surely of Jew origin), stupid Arabs and idiotic Lors. Believe it or not, I’ve even had a couple of untouchable Baha’i friends!


No, we are not racist. Even, if we dress someone up as a dancing nigger, during the Norooz festivities, like the golden times when we all had one or five. Neither do we really mean it when among ourselves; someone may call the chink dumb, the Afghan savage and the Indian filthy.


We have a lot of respect for other (Aryan) people. Did you know that Iran means the homeland of Aryans? We are not racist! Actually it is us who have been misunderstood and disrespected, by the white folk. How I used to look up to them … just to come for study in Texas and learn that they call us sand-monkey and camel-jockey. Us … the Persians!


Let me tell you something … if it wasn’t for all the British and American imperialistic conspiracies to keep us down and backward, Iran would’ve been the #1 nation on earth. Oh, if only Fuehrer had not lost in Al Alamein, and our beloved King Reza was not captured and exiled by the evil English …


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Jahanshah Rashidian

Good and relatively decent satire on racism!

This is really unfortunate and true that racism often passes unnoticed among Iranians “Persians” both in and outside Iran. While more than 90% (blonde-haired persons, tall, white…) Germans would choose Obama as their president, many Iranian-Americans express themselves in a way that our American credit goes bad when a black guy is our president!

Why that? Why Iranians are more catholic than the pope is? Is that because Iranians have been meserised under megalomaniac kings, say Aryamehrs, that Iranians are the purest race, while populace “Raaiat” of these megalomaniacs? Are our people in the wrong place, at the wrong time and thus meet this nasty superioity complex? Is that Iranians are still putting their heads in the sand and sweep the dust under the rug?

Let me tell you, we have racism in Germany as well, but it isconsidered immoral and legally banned. I have never heard the word “Aryan” in Germany unless in reference to Nazi time and racism. It was the Fuehrer’s word above all other laws and national interests. No school kid in Germany believes in such a scum like the Aryan race, even not to masquerading as humour as you perfectly did.


P_J. An Iranian!

Aryan means noble or descent, and not in a condescending way. I agree with your analogy of a failure megalomaniac like Arya-Bi-Mehr suffering from deep scars of inferiority complex. Having said that, one Shouldn’t be concerned as to whether or not Germans like or dislike the word Aryan….just TOO bad for them TUFF! They always seem to move to the extremes, and would like to blame others or things for their short comings! It was not the Aryan race that murdered 65 million human being of all race and creeds…they were Germans like Hitler, Goring, Keitel and trash like them. You read the genome history of mankind that includes the Aryan migration some 4000-4500 years ago and that’s what you find.
By the way Indian and Pakistanis are also Aryan.


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Shazdeh dear: Nice piece of satire, thank you.
On the subject of being "persian", my son was recently asked by a classmate if he was a Persian. His response: No, I'm not a cat! He was truely confused, as he considers himself to be half Iranian, and rather proud of it.
But on a serious note, the main conflict today, and indeed for the past 34 years, is not between Iran and any other country or nation. The main conflict is between the very vast majority of Iranians and a fascist religious regime with no mandate from any major social class in Iranian society. This coflict, I'm sure you agree with me, will be finaly settled on the streets of Iran, not electronicaly on any internet site.



Jahanshah R: Germans went through WWII and Hitler era to learn to be realistic. I met an elderly German woman in US. She kept apologizing me and other people for what Hitler did to Jews and others! A few years ago, many young refugees and immigrants were died or injured in a fire at a low class dance party. Rumor was that some young Germans who did not like the immigrants, did it! I don't know when will Iranians learn! Iranians (Persians) usually get their religion, character, and way of thinking from their parents and upbringing. It is hard for them to change their mind, or admit to their mistakes
Shazde jan, The way I heard was that, when Kourosh Sassani captured Babylon, he freed the prizonner Jews to return to their land or choose where they want to live. That is why some Jews stayed in Iran, and they were considered Persian Jews. Even Today, there are more than twenty thousand Jewish family living in Iran, and consider it their home.

I hope in the near future, some bright young Iranians would do a reliable research about the subject, and other aspects of our history, and publish it so we will know the truth!


P_J. An Iranian!

Omeedvar, a little correction!

Cyrus, Kouroush was an Achaemenid, not Sassanid, Sasanian in Persian:

Human and almost all other beings have always been territorial by nature. We have inherited those characteristics EONS ago, from the time that territory meant food and mating partner; one provided us food and the other one passed our gene pool; both essential to the continuation and survival and had to be protected and the lack of either one meant disruption or termination of that specie. Racism is the territoriality way of thinking; protecting what is ours from "OTHERS", the strangers, and is true in every creed or culture; all you have to do is to read the history of war(s). One still observes that behavior in almost all members of the animal kingdom; they mark their territory and defend, fight for it, sometimes to death, like lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs and others. So, racism is inherent in our genes and blood, good thing is that we have been losing it as we have become more civilized city dwellers.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

Love the photo !




FYI: Islam is the raciest religion in the universe! But it only allows 2 types of races per 2 beautiful verses of Quran (3:133, 23:61): 1. Race in forgiving others; 2. Race in doing good to others.

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Thanks God, we never had any problem with religion minorities. I am proud of that.
Unlike Turks and massacre of Armanians in 1914,
Unlike Indians and massacre of Hindus
Unlike Chechens in Russia
Iran is the only country who respected minority religions and we all lived in
peace and harmoney for hundred years.
Payandeh IRAN



Racist? ooooh never had it in me
But I can learn it against Northern Tehran's Born “where all the cool Persian have always lived “
If Shah residency was in Abadan we never had this problem of Akhoonds. we wouldn’t let him leave.
The person who invented this site was from Abadan.