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America can’t do jack


This is what the lifetime absolute leader of the Islamist Rapist Republic told a bused-in group from Azerbaijan province today:

“If Iran had the intention to build nuclear weapons, the U.S. could in no way stop the Iranian nation.”

The bottom line is the upcoming 5+1 nuke meeting with the regime to be held in Kazakhstan is doomed to failure. It also means, although it says it does not want to, the regime sees itself building weaponized nuke and no one can stop them.

President Obama has a choice now. Believing the Nazi Islamist regime is not making nuke and let this rephrasing of Khomeini’s dictum that “American can’t do a damn thing” slide. Or, make the sanctions airtight, including air cargo and naval quarantine.  

If instead of talking the talk, Obama’s predecessor had walked the sanctions walk, Iran would have been emancipated and solidly in the democratic camp by now. 


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G. Rahmanian

Knowing a little bit about the American culture I don't think Americans in general trust anyone. So, if the US government trusted the ruling terrorists in Tehran and they achieved their dream of acquiring nuclear weapons, rest assured Americans have figured out ways of profiting from regional and international scare and the chaotic situation that ensue the terrorists' acquisition of such weapons.