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Secularism-A Short Film سکولاريسم چيست؟


A Short Film by David M. Beadle. Robert G. Ingersoll wrote this essay in 1887, the message is as urgent today as it was 127 years ago. بر اساس مقاله ای از رابرت جی. اينگرسول نوشته شده در 1887


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Thank you,
A simple one time "toop" does not do justice to this post, it deserves perpetual tooping.


G. Rahmanian


Your best shot could have been a simple one-liner, but as always you decided to bring Islam into this.

You could have said: Secularism, the way it is defined in this video, is not practiced anywhere in the world.

You see my dear Demo, you are either consciously trying to disrupt this blog by making your usual noise, or when you say YOUR Islam enjoys the same principles as secularism, it only shows two things. 1. You did not have a thorough understanding of the contents of the video above. 2. You have a shallow grasp of your own religion.


persian pit bull

Take your head out of the sand
How can the video be eye opening and you still think your old believes express the same view point



Thanks much for posting such an eye/ears/heart opening video.

With all the due respect, however, Islam covers all that is told here. All of it except that instead of 'GODS' there is only & only one 'GOD' who is the source of all the so-called humans' intelligence and knowledge which could not have had possibly existed without him. As simple as that & it doesn't matter to him whether one believes in him or not.



“Secularism” and “secular”are very much maligned words. Partly because they are not really understood by some people. But also because some religious people feel threatened by the words. There are no monopoly of ideologies/religion and perhaps that is why its vehemently opposed by the religious zealots of all stripes.

Despite some attempts to equate the words with atheism and oppose them to religion they really don’t mean either of these. Unfortunately, though, some people insist on using the words that way.