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Investigate the MEK and its critics – abuses at Camp Liberty cannot continue (aka; Mojahedin Khalq, MKO, Rajavi cult)


(Which of these women in Iraq will be Rajavi's next victim?)

A challenge to international human rights groups: investigate the allegations of MEK abuses and end this debacle at Camp Liberty.

Anne Khodabandeh (Singleton), February 17 2013:


A missile attack on Camp Liberty on 9th February resulted in the tragic deaths of seven residents. Seven more families have been plunged into grief and dismay over losing their loved ones. Their grief compounded by the fact that, whatever their wishes, they will have had no contact with this loved one for several years. And compounded by the fact there appears to be no acceptable explanation why they had to die at all but especially in such a tragically avoidable way.

The problem with the MEK in Iraq is not so much where they are, but that they are still there at all. Even the MEK’s own supporters understand this logic. Speaking to an MEK rally in the US, long time MEK advocate Rudi Giuliani said, "These people can all be removed within hours… Planes can be sent immediately. They can be here within a day. We have done far more difficult things than that. It's only about 3,000 people".

Moves to relocate the MEK and send them to third countries started two years ago. Officials from the United Nations and the government of Iraq collaborated to undertake the calm and unhurried negotiation needed to achieve their peaceful relocation first out of Camp Ashraf to a temporary transit camp – Camp Liberty – and then on to third countries where they can rebuild their lives in safety and security. Their every effort has been met by obstruction and obfuscation by the MEK leadership. Two years on and the residents are still no closer to gaining their actual freedom. Even worse, many have died and will continue to die as long as they are unable to walk freely out of the camp and get the help that is available to them. (The Iraqi authorities have kept alternative accommodation available for two years for the individual residents.)

Describing the attack as “vicious and senseless”, US State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said, “We call on [the Government of Iraq] to earnestly and fully carry out that investigation and to take all appropriate measures to enhance the security of the camp consistent with its commitment and obligation to the safety and security of the camp's residents. The terrorists responsible for this attack must be brought to justice.”

It is essential that a thorough investigation be made into this latest attack and the perpetrators brought to justice. More than anything this is necessary for the families of the victims. They need the facts and they need justice. But above all else they need answers. Any family suffering the sudden and violent loss of a loved one will ask ‘Why?’ Why did they die in this way?

The only person preventing the residents in Camp Liberty from leaving and taking refuge in a safe place is the leader of the MEK, Massoud Rajavi. He is therefore the only person who can answer this question. Only he can explain to all the suffering families why their loved ones are still in the path of danger. Why, after ten years, they are still unable to walk freely from the camp and continue their lives in freedom and safety. Why is he still holding them hostage and what did these seven individuals die for?

While we wait for a reasoned, satisfactory answer - which will never be forthcoming – the focus must return to the living. While the Government of Iraq pursues its thorough, painstaking investigation into the deaths of these seven victims, international human rights investigators must likewise undertake a rigorous investigation into the never ending allegations of unbearable daily systematic abuses against all the residents of the camp, including the leadership cadre.

While the MEK persists in denying access to the relevant external agencies to freely enter Camp Liberty and talk to the residents without hindrance, this investigation can start with the recently escaped members. Many of them are now resident in Europe as well as in Iraq and Iran and are willing to give testimony to their experience of human rights abuse inside the MEK camps.

Human Rights Watch conducted a scrupulous and methodological investigation into allegations of human rights abuse resulting in the report ‘No Exit’ in 2005. Testimony from former members in Europe formed the basis of the report. HRW rigorously checked them, their background and their information. A similarly professional approach toward the more recent escapees will yield further evidence of abuse. One of the more controversial but easily verifiable allegations is that the MEK leader instigated a programme of spurious hysterectomy operations to ‘neutralise the gender’ of women members. Already the names of a hundred women victims have been compiled (out of around 800). Medical records and examination will verify the conditions surrounding these operations. Around thirty women who now live in Europe have declared themselves willing to participate in such an investigation. They want justice, for themselves and for the other women still trapped in Camp Liberty.

These women, the families and the former members challenge international human rights organisations to be fearless and determined. Every aspect of this sad debacle must be examined from every angle; the MEK itself and its critics. Such an investigation is long overdue and can only help to end the existing stalemate at Camp Liberty.



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The fate of these Iranians is a full blown tragedy; they are being used and abused by many and just like the Persian saying about elephants, these wretched people have the same value dead or alive to these circles.
What I do not understand is why the Iraqi authorities do not enter the camp and involuntarily deport the brainwashed residents to countries willing to take them and of course NOT TO IRAN under any circumstances.
BTW, the testimonies of those former members who are in Iran are tainted and suspect at best.


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

dear @Kingreza3 I did not attemot to discredit mr khodabandeh at all. In fact amongst all the folks on this site who at every possible oppurtunity are asking for MKO member's blood, he is the only one who has my respect, since he is the only one who has the courage (if indeed any courage was needed in this case!) to use his real name and identity.
Regardless of my own disapproval of MKO ideology and strategy, I am saddened by the news of my defenceless compatriots being massacred by the armed to teeth gangs of shiat murderers who are financed by Irans's Islamist regime and CIA's hand picked shiat lap poodle, maleki.


Massoud Khodabandeh Massoud Khodabandeh Director of Middle East Strategy Consultants Iranian born. more about me on

Dear Roozbeh and Kingreza3, Great that you understand that the problem is not me or any other critic. MKO try to divert attention from the real issues which is the residents at Camp Liberty who need help from everyone. The only people aside from Rajavi who want them to sit there and rot must be their enemies, not their friends.


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

فراخوان برای نجات زندانیان لیبرتی از عراق
ما با محکوم کردن حملات وحشیانه به ساکنان لیبرتی خواهان انتقال فوری ساکنان آن از عراق به کشور ثالث هستیم. ما با اعتقادات شخصی و سیاسی انسانها هیچ کاری نداریم ولی نمیخواهیم که ساکنان لیبرتی هر بار که اوضاع حکم میکند مورد معامله این و آن قرار بگیرند و از جان آنها مایه گذاشته شود. ساکنان لیبرتی کالا نیستند که روی آنها معامله شود آزادیخواهانی هستند که در سودای آزادی مردمشان به این مسیر پا نهاده و اینک در عراق به تله افتاده اند. رژیم جمهوری اسلامی با همدستی حامیان عراقی اش در پی نابودی تک تک آنهاست. آنها می خواهند که ساکنان لیبرتی را به پناه بردن به دامن آلوده جمهوری اسلامی وا دارند و مایل نیستند که آنها از زندانی که برایشان در عراق درست کرده اند نجات یابند و به کشور امن ثالث منتقل شوند. عراق دیگر نه تنها جای مبارزه با رژیم نیست بلکه تبدیل به قربانگاه این انسانهای بدون سلاح و بدون دفاع شده است. بدور هر حسابگری سیاسی باید جان آنها را از جهنم عراق نجات داد. از رهبران مجاهدین نیز می خواهیم که درخواست انتقال فوری از عراق را در راس خواسته های خود قرار داده و تمام امکانات حقوق و مالی خود را در این مسیر بکار گیرند. کشته شدن بدون دفاع این انسانها دیگر قابل قبول برای هیچ انسان آزاده ای نیست. و فقط سردمداران جمهوری اسلامی را خوشحال میکند. از هموطنان میخواهیم که در این خواسته انسانی و حقوق بشری برای نجات جان این انسانها به ما بپیوندند.
عاطفه اقبال!/groups/410717902350233/permalink/410737722348251/
اسامی امضا ء کنندگان تا این لحظه 176 ....اسامی دیگر به ترتیب اضافه میشود.


farhangpooya In all situations, in or outside power, social problems require social solutions (در همه شرايط، در حاكميت و يا خارج از حاكميت، مشكلات اجتماعى راه حل هاى اجتماعى طلب مى كنند)

در باره گم شدن برادار مسعود

نميدانم كجا مسعود گم شد
كجا درگير با آخوند قم شد

ندانم بلكه او همراه صدام
بشد نابود يا افتاد در دام

و شايد در پى رزمى حماسى
برادر خورد يك تير خلاصى

شهيدى جاودان گرديده ايشان
بكرده حال و احوالم پريشان

و شايد هم كه مريم از سر شر
بكرده كودتا بر ضد رهبر

زبانم لال الهى كور گردم
اگرمن فكر بس ناجوركردم

تو دانى انقلابات درونى
ببرد آخوندها تا سرنگونى

هزاران لمس و نابينا شفا كرد
و آن ها را توصل بر خدا كرد

يقيناً اينكه حالا گشته مسعود
همان صاحب زمان، مهدى موعود


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

" The only person preventing the residents in Camp Liberty from leaving and taking refuge in a safe place is the leader of the MEK, Massoud Rajavi. He is therefore the only person who can answer this question. Only he can explain to all the suffering families why their loved ones are still in the path of danger. Why, after ten years, they are still unable to walk freely from the camp and continue their lives in freedom and safety. Why is he still holding them hostage and what did these seven individuals die for? "

Good questions ..... Does anyone know where Masud is?

and thanks for the blog !



For the sake of humanity these people should be moved to one of the gulf nations , being in Iraq is like having the Cat watch the meat .... on another note do these people realize the Peoples Republic of China allows people to wear regular clothing


Mehrdad A

Which one of these will be the next victim? Really? So you mean one of these 60 something year-old women could become a victim of sexual abuse? Those 5 in the photo? If you don't have anything to write, go get a life.



MEK not worse that IRI (nothing is worse than IRI)

Communist had one thing and only one thing right and that is the fact that religion is the opiate of masses (Marx). So you have to be very stupid the take the worse of two idiologies and create a new hybrid. So lets stablish the fact that these people are just fuckin dumb. But every population has people that follow idiotic groups. In US you have scientologist and Jehovahs witness. On average they have IQ's in the 80s. and who cares what happens to them. They are a weak cult of morons.

The real issue is who will be organized enough to take out the Cult that is the real problem. It is great when the Regime's agents try to distract Iranians on who the real enemy is. The real enemy is not Israel or MEK. It is Khamenei, Larijanis, Ahmadinejad, Basiji, the fake stealth fighter and the space monkey.


Kingreza3 The original IRI drivel

Well said, I like how this article has nothing to do with Iranian government but yet rouzbeh discredit the author because he is branded as IRI agent on IC. I am sure Iranian government wouldn't mind getting few of them for show and tell. I would really like to talk to few of them and see if any of them would do this again. one of my cousins was a member initially but has left the group long time ago, he is a dentist in England and when khamenei gave them option of pardon he took it. He visits Iran every few years and has 2 apartment in Iran that he rents. He believes that the organization is at fault for what has happened to their members.
well said liberated, but unfortunately if you want to appeal to Iranian mass you need to come across as religious. This is still fact of land, I grew up in a secular family but i still would hear my parents say i shouldn't do something because I would piss off god and my kamar will break.


Esfand Aashena

Mr. Khodabandeh Rajavi is most likely dead. Do you think he was able to "escape" Camp Aashraf when it was emptied out? Last report I heard of him was that he is "most likely" in Camp Ashraf, so now that people have evacuated Ashraf under UN and Iraqi guard, where else could he be?

I think this is another MEK ploy to say he is alive while no one can "prove" he is dead! Though I agree that someone (most likely Maryam) is the one preventing these people to be relocated or in some cases moved back to other countries, as many are already citizens of other countries like Canada or other European countries.


Massoud Khodabandeh Massoud Khodabandeh Director of Middle East Strategy Consultants Iranian born. more about me on

In a digital age of course no one can prove Rajavi is alive or dead unless he puts in an appearance. All there are are audio messages which could be faked. Massoud Rajavi was certainly in Camp Ashraf in 2003 and would have been involved in signing the disarmament agreement with the US Army. Five people - four from the MEK Leadership Council and one from security - who I met in Baghdad just after they came out claimed to have seen Rajavi in Camp Ashraf during 2007-8.
The MEK try their best to say he is alive. Western security would like it if he were dead and they didn't have to deal with the consequences of his capture. There are many places he could be. Outside Paris, the MEK's main base is in Jordan alongside the Baathists (Ezzat Ebrahim branch). If he is alive, it is more than likely he is there.