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Scientic Survey #1 on Iranian issues. Margin of error +/- 51%





This is the start of our scientific survey. Please participate in any way and fashion that you might wish. Regardless of your participation, on any given day, as soon as you simply look at the subject of the survey your opinion will be read and registered telepathically by a new retina-reading technology invented by one our 13 year old students on her kitchen table.  Although your vote counts, nonetheless habitually we ignore it and interject our own view in the vote counts, simply because we know what’s good for you and this gives the rest of you Iranians to focus on what you are known best for - “Grrrrrreat Hospitality” because you have oil, gas, copper and gold and you are hospitable, come for a day, come for a life time…Iran is an all-you-can-eat opportunity like none other on Earth. 


Survey NO. 1 

What do you think is the main cause of political and social conflicts among Iranians inside and outside of Iran? 


1.       Tah-Deeg – 5,766 Registered answers by Retina-Reader (98%) 

2.       Religion – 800 Registered Answers – (0.14%) 

3.       Ethnic Diversity – 83 Registered Answers- (0.06%) 


Note to non-Iranians:  Tah-Deeg is the layer of rice on the bottom of the pot that turns crisp and brown and in general it is considered as one of the rare elements on earth.  Iranian children grow up fighting for Tah-Deeg all their lives. 


Also: Tah-Deague or Tah-Dig in Old Pahlavi Language, Tah-Deague inscriptions at Persepolis from Sanskrit Ta-dig.






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As an Iranian-America I would write it as Tah-dig as in English "dig" which is the act of digging it out from the bottom of the pan like digging gold! Back to the survey.

I certainly see Tah-dig as uniter and not a divider.



yeah! I can dig that...good point


iraj khan Peace Is The Way

Jenabe Persa,

Your presentation may lead to hallucination.
Nevertheless, make sure to get a patent for it :)