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WARNING SICK SOCIETY: Bears got killed by hunters in Iran

This video is very telling about how depraved and morally reprehensible parts of Iran society are when this low life dahati bi savad fucking retard can slaughter an adult bear in cold blood before slowly torturing to death its small cubs who are crying out for its mother. How fucking cruel and heartless this bastard low life fucking retard must be that he does not have a single ounce of decency within him. This is a society that feeds live dinkeys to lions. This is the same retarded society that slit the throat of sheeps during weddings and when some moron has bought a new car and wants to celebrate. Fuck their culture and their beliefs. This is a society which hangs dogs and exterminates them before dumping them in a landfill. This is the reason why SOME retarded Iranians take their children to public executions. This cruel blood letting shows that the some if not the majority of Iranians are not ready for democracy. God forbid we even give power to idiots like this crazy bastard. We need a Reza Shah more than ever. We neee to put these fucking retards in order and not give a fuck about their human rights.


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And before I am accused of being a Zionist anti-Iranian antagonist I condemn cruel and unnecessary suffering of animals WHENEVER and WHEREVER. This includes bull fighting in Spain, the culling of seals in Canada or the appalling killing of chickens during Kaparot before Yum Kuppur in Israel. Personally, i would even ban Halall and Kosher slaughter for the slitting of an animals throat. However, this bastard in the video defies cruelty and human depravity. This is the reason why the mullahs can kill up to 30,000.prisoners during the prison purges of 1988 and dump their bodies in mass graves. What a disgusting society we have become. Iran needs a good spring cleaning. Retards like this bastard in the video must be sent to Gitmo or a cultural reeducation camp. This is why democracy must never be given to.the retard in the video.