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Well, what a beautiful picture. It fills my heart with joy knowing that an Arab establishment does not welcome Iranians. A badge of honor for me. Soon, I hope and pray, my country will have a governemt in place who will stop supporting these same Arabs, rid us of their imposed religion and aid our organic and natural ally in the region, Israel, in their fight against medieval barbarism.

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carmen ای ایران‌ای مرز خوش گوهر

We have been locked out from going back to Iran, and many have been locked in Iran and barred from going to other countries, just a few countries as Cuba, Russia and Zamzarambu allow Iranians to get in . even worst if you do not have economic means ,poor Iranians Just wait a bit more and see Iran willbe the envy of he world, because the darkness will be vanished and the daawn will come. do not hesitae not even for a second



Still trying to find out.