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JJ "moving on"

He once gave me a ride, a short ride in his rented car. Friendly, he seemed to be an introvert.
Now, Jahanshah Javid, JJ, the creator and publisher of is “moving on.” He has sold his popular site and started a new one.
As an avid reader of for the past twelve years and a blogger for the past two, this is a parting thought.
In many ways JJ’s life is a familiar story.
Like the majority, he started from elation at the fall of the Monarchy. Like some, he joined the new system with the hope it will deliver accountability and social justice. Realizing it ain’t so, he began the long and painful process of soul searching, which culminated in distancing himself from the regime, eventually severing ties, with religion too.
True, there are those who’ve never snapped out of the false hope; however, he has, I have, and it seems many inside and in diaspora have as well.
Despite the present dire circumstances, the outlook for Iran is looking brighter; Iranians will overcome, not some day, soon.
JJ, good luck with the new site! 


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Thanks Fred for the note on JJ's departure from IC. He could've said something, like good bye or something like that. May be he did and I missed it?



Excellent tribute to a wonderful soul.