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Swedish diplomat insults Iran's president by exposing soles of his shoes

Ambassadors are usually known for their delicacy in dealing with officials and respect for local customs. But Sweden’s newly appointed envoy to Iran has found himself at the centre of a diplomatic spat after he was accused of insulting president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by crossing his legs and exposing the soles of his shoes. Continue reading »


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choghok Your enemie's enemy is necessarily not a friend.

It was said in press outside Iran that Iranians got upset because showing the soil of your foot is impolite in Iranian culture. In IRI press it said that this behaviour is ugly because it is impolite in diplomatic world.

So nobody really knows on what ground who should get upset? The only thing is that in Arab culture to show the soil of your foot is considered very bad. And worst of all is to be hit by the soil of a shoe.



اگر سفیر سوئد ته کفششو نشون میده همه عیب میگیرن، ولی اون کوتوله احمدی نژاد که دوتا دستشو گذاشته رو تخمش یک نفرصداش در نمیاد