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Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind- Mahatma Gandhi
What are you exactly changing if you're also promoting the same bloodshed, vengeance mentality as mullahs? With all this emphasis on violence on your part, one gets an impression of two sides of the same coin.
Capital punishment is not the only method of lawful retribution.


Mona 19 "محبت نور است در هر خانه بتابد و عداوت ظلمت است در هر کاشانه لانه نماید"

جناب سیمرغ. اگر ما هم مثل این گرگ‌ها رفتار کنیم چه فرقی‌ بین ما و اینهاست. حکومت و انقلابی که با خون، زندان، شکنجه، "مرگ بر"،اعدام،...متوّلد بشود. برای حفظ و استقرار با توسل به این اعمال ادامه پیدا میکنه.

با احترام،مونا


persian pit bull

There is a need for systematic documentation of all the atrocities.
Revenge is not an answer. We need justic. We need a tribunal where every one regardless of their station in the current regime or the past one , is brought and convicted with evidence (like the ones pictured)
It may be one year or hundred years , they will brought before the people and justic will prevail
We need a carefull documentation so history will not be rewritten later on and we need closure. Examples: Nuremberg trials, South Africa tribunal.
This may sound just like a revenge but it is more. Revenge is emotional and short lived. We need to expose our deep national shame. We may be children of Cyrus the Great but thru out our history (at least our modern history), we have maimed, tortured , imprisoned and killed our HAMVATNI for sake our own selfish, self-importance profit.
You can not cure an abscess unless you cut it open and let the puss put



well said pit bull. couldn't agree with you more.


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

ever hear about the reform movement simorgh????? You see with help by western intelligence sources we the people supported a green movement to restore the beauty of islam to Iran, the good old days when the people believed usa/uk propaganda and joined with opposition candidates to denounce savak and the late shahs team as a result of???? progress, freedom to change, a life with an improving future, freedom from foreign domination, improving human rights. Just look at how muslim's and their religious teachers have shown up in Iran.



"میسوزانیم و نابودتان میکنیم"

چه دلیل قانع کننده ای دارید که ملت ایران برای اینکه حاکمیت نظام نکبت مسلمین "اصلاح طلب" و غیره را سرنگون کند قیام کند تا خودش دوباره همان کار جانیان را بکند؟
وحوش که سی و پنج ساله دارند همین کار را میکنند و خوب هم در آن خبره و کارکشته هستند.