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Khodabandeh: Whoops! What a big gaffe in the US report! Did Pentagon lobby for Mojahedin Khalq? (aka; MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult)


The report which never was! When the Mojahedin Khalq used a deliberately leaked copy of a document produced by the US Library of Congress to further demonise its critics, the head of the Library, David Osborne said it "is not and will not be posted to any Library of Congress site". However my brother Ebrahim spotted a gaffe: the report suggests that his life was in danger while he was still in the MEK. Trying to whitewash this gaffe, the MEK then had an article published in the Mail on Sunday. But this just made it worse with an even bigger gaffe. Read on to see what happened.


Ebrahim Khodabandeh, Iran Interlink, February 21 2013


Letter to the editor
Mail on Sunday

Mr Geordie Greig.


An unpublished report produced by the US Library of Congress for the Department of Defense (the Pentagon), has been continuously quoted by the Mojahedin-e Khalq terrorist cult in their media since it was conveniently 'leaked' to the internet in January. The so-called 'Pentagon report' mentioned my name along with that of my brother and my sister-in-law, but because what was written was so obviously made-up to fulfill the agenda of the MEK themselves, I chose to ignore it.


Then in an article dated February 16, 2013, the British newspaper Mail-on-Sunday also referred to this report and again this has been widely used by the cult in its media. Amused by the dramatic tabloid headline "British housewife accused by the US of spying for Iran 'to save her brother-in-law's life'", I had a closer look to find out why this article had been published six weeks after the report was first leaked.


The US report claims that in 2002: "She (i.e. my sister in law Anne Singleton) agreed to cooperate with MOIS (Iran’s ministry of intelligence) to save her brother-in-law's life - he (i.e. me, Ebrahim Khodabandeh) was still a member of MEK at the time."


In 2002 I was living in one of the MEK's bases in London. This means that my life was in danger inside the MEK in the UK!


In my opinion the Mail-on-Sunday article was published specifically to cover up this gaffe. It even points to this in the title.


At the start of the article it says: "Anne Singleton, 53, is alleged to have been blackmailed into training with the Iranian secret service during a visit to Tehran in 2002. The Pentagon-commissioned report claims that


Mrs Singleton and her Iranian husband, Massoud Khodabandeh, 56, agreed to work for the regime in return for saving the life of his jailed brother." [bold added]


Not only is this untrue, it is yet another gaffe. The original report did not say that I was in jail at that time and the author of the article either did not bother to read the actual report, or was probably as confused as everyone else who read it as to what it was actually trying to say.


The fact is that I was arrested in Syria and taken to prison in Iran in June 2003.


In the year 2002 I was still a member of the MEK living in their collective base in London. My brother and my sister-in-law who had both left the MEK had established the website and were active in exposing the violation of human rights inside Rajavi’s cult which had been going on for many years.


I can tell from my 23 years’ experience and as one of the key personnel in the MEK's Foreign Affairs Department in Europe that the gaffes made in the report and in the article both originated from the MEK.


Ebrahim Khodabandeh
February 20, 2013

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Link to the full description of MKO Logo (pdf file)


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Esfand Aashena

Mr. Khodabandeh, what does 'MEK's base in London' mean? Is this an open "base" in London or a ranch or something? One would think that with all the terrorism concerns in London this would be a problem.

Also, if your brother was a member of MEK in 2002 in London but was arrested in Syria in 2003 and sent to Iran, in what year did he leave Iran? Why did the regime release him, since as he says he was a high ranking official in MEK in London?


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

If the report you are talking about is the same report that was posted by Mr. Daee while ago on the IC, then I should say that I read most part of it and I am positive that some citations provided in that report were from MEK sites. Also, the report was very poorly cited, cause, at the time, a few other provided sources did not even exist anywhere on the internet. Couple of times I was guided to " this page not found " ...

The report in its introductory section did mention that it is mostly based on unreliable sources from the internet therefore questionable cause they have no real access to the reliable and governmental sources especially in Iran. One would expect something that has the library of congress name on it to be at least more professional but that report was like a 2nd grader's report for the show and tell event in the school cafeteria. NO WONDER that it was being removed since then! Perhaps, they want to put some lipstick on the pig before repost it or they want to sweep the entire thing under the carpet like that it never existed at first place This all goes back to Daniel Pipes and his non stop campaign to make MEK as a front runner for the opposition abroad and accuse any other group especially anyone who is against war and sanction as MOIS ! This is his way of getting read of moderate opposition voices while allowing the radicals such as MEKs to flourish!

I think public figures whose name were mentioned on this report as an agent of IRI , MOIS, etc .. should then hire a professional lawyer and go after Daniel Pipes... I somehow have a feeling that the real source of all these fake reports is he. Never mind the MEK they, too , are being used by PIpes ....

Pipes run a forum which is called " Middle East Forum " if you stop by in that forum and read some comments in respect to materials that are related to Iran then you can see some of his commentators are here on and posting the exact same comments ..

Who is this guy is fooling ? LOL

I remember that our friend Divaneh were also upset that the Iranian Canadian journalist, film maker and human rights activist, Maziar Bahari , too , was a victim of these type of shameless character assassinations. I am grateful for the presence of wise people like him on this site to not accepting any craps that is posted on this site as the hard facts !

Sadly, for every wise on this site we have ten fools who accept these craps as facts !

I certainly hope they wake up and use their brains and see what the warmongers have been cooking for them !


Massoud Khodabandeh Massoud Khodabandeh Director of Middle East Strategy Consultants Iranian born. more about me on

Base means a safe-house. The MEK have them all over Europe and North America. They are not public but are known to the security services of those countries.
Ebrahim spent 23 years in the political section of the MEK, mostly in London. He was sent to Syria from London in 2003 to help smuggle items out of Iraq just after the start of hostilities. He and a colleague were arrested and extradited to Iran. They were imprisoned and put on trial on terrorism charges. They have served their sentences. The good thing is that they were not executed as members of the MEK. In 1997 the IRI changed its approach toward the MEK and treats it now as a cult. The IRI still executes its other opponents when it can.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

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