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Next week, John Kerry will travel to the European capitals and will attend a meeting with the Syrian opposition in Rome. He will then go to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar to discuss helping the opposition. Earlier this week NY Times wrote that Obama is re-considering the decision to arm the opposition.

It looks like that Obama will finally get involved in Syria and bring this tragedy to an end.

As they said in Iran, first Syria, then Khuzestan! Be careful what you ask for, you may get it!



The US and Israel almost have no choice but to arm the rebels now that the Hezbollah is involved. Involving Hezbollah was the biggest miscalculation of Khamenie et al.



"The Syrian regime bombed its own people again on Thursday, this time sending fighter jets to bombard the old district of Deraa in the south. The bombings killed 18 persons. It wasn’t the first time the regime has deployed aerial bombardment against civilian cities, but it was the first such strike at Deraa (the place where the Syrian uprising began in 2011).

A spate of bombings ripped through Damascus on Thursday. The largest, near the ruling Baath Party HQ and the Russian embassy, killed 53 and wounded 200, mostly innocent passers-by, including students. The Russian embassy was slightly damaged. Another bombing struck key intelligence offices in the capital, killing 22, and mortar shells hit a military facility. The bombing near the Baath headquarters was so deadly and costly in lives of non-combatants that the Syrian opposition condemned it, aware that it made them no friends in Damascus.

Still, the blast did underline how weak the regime has become. In the past its powerful secret police were vigilant and might have prevented a big bombing right in the capital (such bombings in Damascus are not unprecedented but are rare)...."


MRX2412 Fighting islamo/communists and liberal bowl one day at the time!

Nothing good will come out of this. If Assad and his regime survives, people have to deal with him and his goons, if the opposition wins people have to deal with islamic goons. No winners in here.