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Phase 3 of the Arab Spring: The Waning Popularity of Failed Islamists


It seems that anyone who experiences Islamist rule, no matter how optimistic their original expectations, comes out hating it.


As the New Republic notes, newly elected Islamist rulers in Arab countries have aroused intense popular discontent via heavy handed and broken promises about behaving democratically.  People grasped in months what took Iranians decades--that Islamist rulers can be as vicious or corrupt as anyone and even worse. 


In fact, Iran's own disasterous example may have played a role in giving Islamists a much shorter leash than they might have enjoyed otherwise.  Recall the first words of Tunisia's Islamist leaders, "We don't want to be another Iran!"   When Egyptians see Morsi's club wielding police or plainclothes thugs, you are already visualizing Basilj.


From the success of the Syrian people, Arabs learned that people no longer have to take crap, especially where their rulers lack oil to hire people beaters.  These Islamists will have a hard time staying afloat unless they change their ways fast.  Given their rigidity tendency to call on shabihha/basilj types when in trouble, I predice that isn't likely in which case Tunisia and Egypt will descend into political and economic chaos.


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