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توحش اسلام در ایران



آقا جان؛ مجازات قطع اعضاء سالم بدن انسانها توحش است.

سنگسار و شلاق زدن هر جاندار منجمله انسانها، توحش است.

خدایی که توحش را وسیله تدین میکند، جنگجوست، به غنیمت و بردگی گرفتن زن، مرد و بچه فرمان میدهد، بدرد لای جرز دیوار میخورد.

آقا جان؛ مانند بقیه جوامع خوشبخت و پیشرفته که دین را از دولت جدا و جای خوب دین را چسبیده و بقیه را از یاد برده اند، آن بخش خوب اسلام را محکم بچسب، خوب زیاد دارد، بیشتر در  آیات مدنی، آن بخش توحش منجمله وحشیگری  زن ستیزی را رد کُن بره، از آن دفاع، رفع و رجوع نکن، دفاع از توحش قبیح است، نشانگر خوی وحشی اهلی و مدنی نشده است.


هر کی این را گفته؛ درود بر او:


ما ز قرآن مغز را برداشتیم

پوست را بهر خران بگذاشتیم




پ.ن. اسلام ستیزان ذوق زده نشوند، همین دست توحش در ذات همه ادیان ابراهیمی منجمله آن اولیش که بقیه از آن  کُپی کرده اند وجود داد.




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Jockshe American born Iranian (ABI) female and state champion in free style wrestling. Second year law student at the University of Chicago. You can bet your bottom $, I can feetileh-peach you like hulu!

Somebody told me that with the advent of Internet and the ability of people to access information and interact with one another even though virtually the world is going to become more civil, humane, and peaceful!

This photo illustrates the opposite of what the Internet (and its visionaries) had intended to achieve!

I bet you when the Talibans and the Pakistanis and the Saudis and the likes see this image they are going outdo one another in devising a more exotic apparatus in dismembering their citizens.

Where does all this barbarity come from? What feeds all this barbarity? Where are those with sane mind to condemn this barbarity? Why has everyone become so complacent in this?

Give me one good reason I shouldn't wish nukes falling on the heads of the perpetrators and the ideologues of these barbaric acts?

Is there any limit to barbarity?


Roger_Rabbit Framed

"Is there any limit to barbarity?"

No there is no limit to barbarity but with respect using nukes is a higher level of barbarity than the one exhibited in these pictures. And not everyone has been complacent about these atrocities. The very blogger on whose blog we are commenting and other caring bloggers who broadcast these inhumanities and move the conscience of the public are not complacent.


Jockshe American born Iranian (ABI) female and state champion in free style wrestling. Second year law student at the University of Chicago. You can bet your bottom $, I can feetileh-peach you like hulu!

Mr. RR - You hit the nail right smack in the middle! You give these black-hooded criminals a table saw and they use it to cut people's fingers and hands with it. You give them a crane and they hang people form it. You give them a gun and they shoot people with it. You give them a truck and they run people over with it. You give them a nuke reactor and they will Poisson people with it. I didn't direct the term complacency at Mr. Fred and other kind-hearthed folks such as yourself. I meant the millions of spectators in Iran who stand on the side and actually witness these as a county fair events. And, as for wishing nukes falling on the "black-hooded" criminals, I don't take back my statement! I am sorry, call me barbaric for wishing the annihilation of real barbarics (the black-hooded criminals and their entire establishment!)



All I have to say is thank you IRI for showing the real face of Islam to every one around the world, including people of Iran. Now lwts build more Emamzadeh around our country, and close schools, and universities.It is true that this kind of barbarity existed in other religions, but first of all Islam is not a religion, rather a Mafia cult, and also others have abandoned the barbarityfor centuries, yet Islamist Fascists are just getting warmed up. For as long as ignorant people go to street to watch such a barbarity, they will continue to put up a show for them. In civilized world excluding US, and British, they capture, and rehabilitate the criminals, yet in Iran they wond him, and release him to do more harm to the public. Go figure.



well you don't see this kind of shit in Budahism do you? I think every one knows what is the cause all these barberism.



Islam is worst than cancer. Cut it, trash it and save our people.


seyed.javad Eslam is good for you

Brothers and sisters. Dont believe what brother Fred is telling you. He is only envios of success and popularity of Eslam.
Eslam is the religion of Peace Love Brotherhood and sisterhood. Eslam is good for you.



It's almost too good for us we are choking on it!