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مصاحبه درباره ۸ مارس- آزادی زن آنتی تز جنبش اسلامی.flv


مصاحبه سعید آرمان، تلویزیون پرتو با آذر ماجدی درباره ۸ مارس، جنبش آزادی زن در ایران، موقعیت کنونی این جنبش در منطقه، نقش و اهمیت ۸ مارس در جنبش آزادی زن و آزادیخواهی و برابری طلبی.


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SamSam VI Path of Kiaan Ressurection of true Iran Hoisting Drafsheh Kaviaan

Ms Azar Majedi: A brief bio >> the leader of women's right front in Iran. She returned back to Iran in 1978 to topple the Monarchy along with her Communist workers party comrades. Upon the complettion of her revolutionary task the women's rights scaled back to 700AD Omaru standards.

LADY comrade!!! you are killing me with your accomplishments as the leader of women's right front of Iran more please pleeeeeez..your sisters are begging you pleeeez stop!.. they cant take all these freedoms you have afforded them with your selfless & genious leadership. In any other dime a dozen organization you be fired from your post & yet you are still there chanting , azadi barabari hokoomateh shebheh omari... groundhogday in twilight zone.