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Trita wants money



Just got another scaremongering “dear friend” letter from the lifetime president of NIAC Lobby, you’ve probably got yours as well.

The lifetime president says:

“Last week, Obama’s former top Iran advisor in the National Security Council warned that the President will order an attack on Iran before the end of 2013 if a diplomatic agreement is not reached by then.”

The lobbyist goes on to say:

“Right now, those people are doing everything they can to block a peaceful solution:  opposing compromise, creating barriers so the President can never lift sanctions, or even promoting ethnic separatism in Iran! “

And he finishes by asking for money so his lobby can continue the good fight.

The problem I’ve had with NIAC Lobby, aside its court documented close working relationship with numerous high officials of the Islamist regime, is the lobby’s one-sidedness.

Where is the blame for the Islamists not complying with UNSCresolutions?



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mousa67 offering free psychotherapy sessions to those suffering from potentialy suicidal mental condition known as "islamism"

what a cute pose! i hear that a US judge called him an "agent of islamic republic, with average intelligence".
that makes him quite a rare islamic agent!
mr A_rash: are you related to this cute boy in anyway?


Arash None of your business

Listen to this clown kambiz Hoseini. A runaway servant of VOA with his stupid communist ideology is calling others a traitor.
هرگز ازسمت جلو به یک گاو٬ از سمت عقب به یک اسب و از هیچ سمتی به احمقی چون روزبه گیلانی نزدیک نشید


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

خائن وطن فروش...

مرگ بر جمهوری دزدان و ادمکشان اسلامی و ننگ بر تمام مزدوران ، جاسوسان بی‌شرف وطن فروش فرنگ نشینشان


Bahram I only wear my own watch

A potential ' great' leader on the making
He lobbies for the best interest of Iran, and Iran can only have one interest shared by all Iranians, keep the country safe and in peace!!


Arash None of your business

When a Zionist and a Neocon supporters of war and sanctions on Iran are anti NIAC that proves NIAC is on the right track.



The law firm which represented Hassan dai, took the case pro bono.

BTW, unlike what the NIAC Lobby, its lifetime president and their propagandists used to and still do claim about the law firm, connecting it to George Bush, the current First lady Michelle Obama, used to work there.


G. Rahmanian

"One could also wonder how could Daee afford those high profile lawyers he had. Who helped the guy out?" choghak

Simple! There are many people who cannot stand the sight of TP and NIAC! Those people would certainly want to see TP as a loser. Nothing personal.



I don't believe that you have read the Court decision by Judge Bates. Here is the document.

We discussed the case in great length back in September on so it is all there. Pay attention to page 2 of the above where the Judge writes that Trita omitted Outlook calendar entries and the server had to be sent to forensic labs for discovery. Also on page 3 note that Trita has to pay for the lab fees.

I am glad that you recognize that NIAC is a lobby. That's what many of us have been saying all along. They just need to register as a lobby firm and not hide behind us, the Iranian-American community,


choghok Your enemie's enemy is necessarily not a friend.

Fred, you seem not to understand one thing, NIAC is lobbying in USA so they can work to change the war hawks here.

They have also criticized IRI for example over takeover of British Embassy or the political prisoners. But trying to change IRI behavior is trying to talk to a schizophrenic person, no one knows who is in charge.

If Americans were going for a lets kick mullahs and sepah ass, throwing them off power I would be ok, but thy want swift operation, kill many civilians and destroy some military compounds by big ass bombs, results in IRI getting to act as a savior and hero and win peoples sympathy.

So that is why I am against any attack.