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Bold faced liar


Check out the nuke logic of this longtime high-level employee of the Messianic Islamists, compare it to those of the NIOC compensated and the NIAC lobby, particularly on lifting sanctions. Shared PowerPoint presentation.


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Anonymous Observer

Isn't this guy a terrorist, tied to one of the assassinations in Europe by the IR from the time that he was IR's "ambassador" (i.e., chief terrorist)--either Bakhtiar or the Mykonos affair? What is he doing at Princeton?!!!



Yes, this Rafsanjani owned is the same suspect in the Mykonos terrorist operation. He is returning to Iran soon.
There are a whole lot of these planted Islamists in America, there is a colony of them in and around Boston.


Arash None of your business

Fred, you seem to be the liar here. Musavi is right on every count.