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Saman Just Iran and politics.

This is disgusting. I hate communists so much.



OMG, just imagine the day that IRI is gone (i doubt its going to be this century) Streets will be littered with bras and panties ;)



Brave Iranian women. I am proud of them.. Bravo...... I support their courageous campaigns around the world. .
Payandeh IRAN



Wow. My head's still spinning. What a brave bunch of women.
You make me wish I was a woman too.
I am a woman next to you today in a man frame for sure.
Power to you my friends and Down with the murderous IRI regime.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

امان از این سینه‌های لرزان. وقتی‌ دوشیزگان معترض نقاب بر افکندند و سینه عریان نمودند یکباره به یاد این بیت از حافظ افتادم:

ناگهـــان پــرده بــرانداختــه‌‏اي يعنـي چه؟ مست از خــانه برون تاختـــه‏‌اي يعني چه‏؟

یا به قول حسن جواهریان :

سينه لرزان يار و دست لرزان فقير
هر دو ميلرزند امااين كجا و آن كجا

به امید روزی که پایه‌های نظام همچون سینه‌های این دوشیزگان به لرزه افتد.



Boy Iranian women have the nicest boobs....we need more protest like this...way to go girls

Shah, Akhond, 2 side of the same crap...


farhangpooya In all situations, in or outside power, social problems require social solutions (در همه شرايط، در حاكميت و يا خارج از حاكميت، مشكلات اجتماعى راه حل هاى اجتماعى طلب مى كنند)

كجا پنك هرست و زنان دگر
بدن لخت كردند از پا به سر

تو دانى كه ان جامعه سنتى است
كه روشنگرى كار پر زحمتى است

در باره شرت نمازى
حد اقل در اين ويديو از دختران زيبا و خوش اندام استفاده شده.
اين شرت نمازى هم پيراهن عثمان شد
اينگونه كه اين خانم پيش همه عريان شد
ايراد نگيرم من، گر شرت كشد بر سر
ايراد من اين باشد، كاين پرچم ايران شد
از خوان كرم بحشد خاخام يهودى را
اخوند مسيحى هم پربهره ز اين خوان شد
من دلخورم از اينكه تبعيض شود قائل
با هر كه مسلمان و با هر كه مسلمان شد
گويد به من مسكين تو خواهى نتوانى
چون قيمت آن بر تر، از ويديوى سان شد
بر خبز مسلمانا تغيير بده مذهب
گر آرزوي ديدن، اندام و دو پستان شد

حزب كمونيست مريم نمازى همانند اسلام انقلابى مريم رجوى در پيوند با دست راستى هاى افراطى عليه رژيم مبارزه مى كنند. ًكمونيسم! ً هم به يك حربه راست افراطى تبديل شده


Jahanshah Rashidian

The campaign has been organised by a youth organisation of the Worker Communist Party of Iran (WPI) in Sweden. Emerging nude body of women against the misogyny of political Islam is a new method pioneered by Egyptian Allia El-Mahdi and followed by some female members of the party like Maryam Namazi.
Although I do not believe in the realisation of any sate of ideology, including a communist state, I support their courageous campaigns around the world and their anti-reformist struggles. They break the conventional norms of any class society and religion while proposing new struggle patterns, which attract the youth without forcibly being communists.


seyed.javad Eslam is good for you

brother Faramarz. I am sorry for these lost sisters. Somebody needs to tell them that under Eslam they not only have the right but a duty to get undressed for their husbands.
talking of which. What happened to sister Demo? She would be the first to comment on such blog.



Brother Javad,
The last I heard from sister Demo, she was going to Stockholm to join some protests there. I advised her to take some warm clothes with her because it is really cold over there, but as usual she did not listen to me!



I truly support these women cause, but I'd be lying if I agree with the way they went about it. if i were a women i would be offended if this was the way some one was "claiming" to be advocating for me. bunch of (let's be honest) 6s and 7s living in the comfort of their homes and countries that 1. hate Iranian regime 2. don't care about naked women on the street, showing their goodies and what not, to get publicity.
for one, they weren't original and titties have been flying in the political arena for a while now. don't get me wrong, i like seeing hooters even on 6s and 7s as much as the next guy (and for that I thank you) but by putting political message on them then you are distracting me from really enjoying them.
having pissed off good number of ready to strip women activist, I must also add that equal number of women have sacrificed everything including their lifes for many causes in human history. I'll give you the egyption activist. but in case of pussy riots, our beloved golshifteh and now our new activists, YEAH I WAS MORE HAPPY WITH LEMONS THAN MOVED BY MESSAGE.
in case i offended any female activist who would really want to protest my comments by stripping, i suggest you show your anger by striping in front of me to really teach me a lesson, and in return I promises to only be distracted by your bare bosoms 50% of the time.
Sedaye-man every buddy fights for something to keep life interesting. you want a real women cause pick rape, abuse, circumcision (the colombian girl was better looking and had more ligidimate concern than our fellow iranian sisters") and so many more. Hejab could be the last one you guys should pay attention too.