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This is how you retrieve older IC articles!


OK, I did some research and for those of you who want to retrieve/read/salvage older (even as far back as 1996) articles you might be in luck.

Go to and in the "The Wayback Machine" tab enter This will take you to a page where "snapshots" of the web site in interest are marked on a calendar. You choose a year/date on that calendar and then it will take you to front page as it was on that date.

I managed to save a few articles of mine (and others) using the "who's who" tab.

Good luck and I hope this helps!


PArviz @PArviz

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!

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Esfand Aashena

I'm sure I'll get to try it one day. The technology is there and hopefully the old items will be available from right here as they were never "archived". They're all the same domain anyway.

The new website is more like snapshot contents designed for impatient viewers! As if we are all teenagers with short attention spans! The old items were more of value and worthy.



Or you can click the "Archive" link at the bottom of the site.


PArviz Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!

The archive link at the bottom of the page finds you the articles but when you click on them it will take you the present IC front page. In short, it is useless and does not work. It at least did not find what I was looking for.
I found what I wanted through