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Bad Apples


When you split an apple and take five or six seeds out and carefully plant them, what you will get will be five different trees, none will bear the same apple and none will be the same specie as the original apple. Apple trees need to be grafted in order to bear desirable fruits.

Almaty is the former capital of Kazakhstan which was replaced by Astana in 1997.  The name Almaty has its roots in medieval settlement Almatu that existed near the present-day city. However there is also a common misconception that the city derives its name from the Kazakh word for 'apple' (алма), and thus is often translated as "full of apples;" alma is also 'apple' in other Turkic languages, as well as in Hungarian and Mongolian. The Russian version of its name - Alma-Ata, used during Soviet-era, was often mistakenly perceived by non-native Kazakh speakers as a combination of two Kazakh words, literally Apple-Father, or more loosely Father of Apples.

There is great genetic diversity among the wild apples in the region surrounding Almaty; the region is thought to be the ancestral home of the apple, and the wild Malus sieversii is considered a likely candidate for the ancestor of the modern domestic apple, which explains the "Alma Ata" name.  The area is often visited by researchers and scientists from around the world in order to learn more about the complex system of genetics, and also to discover the true origin of the domestic apple.


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seyed.javad Eslam is good for you

brother persa.
The reason brother Ahmadinejad's Union jack is not visible is because he has had it tattooed on the right cheek of his buttocks, about two inches above and at 35 degrees angle to the oval shaped Birthmark.



Seyed agha, indeed the union jack is up his rear. Once a stooge, always a stooge.


iraj khan Peace Is The Way

Jenabe Persa,

I used to know an Alma too.
She was my boss and was shaped just like an apple.
Coincident, you may say.



Iraj khan, I hope she was a nice person. I met a few people from Kazakh and found them very nice. Please remember "an Alma a day keeps the doctor away".


dohelzen منم آن مست دهلزن که شدم مست به میدان دهل خویش چو پرچم به سر نیزه ببستم

در این خرابات "دات" بی کام گان هر چه ریخت به پیمانه ما نوشیدیم اگر از خمر بهشت بود وگر باده مست

شرط بندی ... یا پهن بندی 5+1 ...
راستش کی بهتر از احمدی که سربه سر پوک اینها بزنه

من را یاد این شعر از سعدی انداختی

دلایل قوی باید و معنوی

نه رگهای گردن به حجت قوی

مرا نیز چوگان لعب است و گوی

بگفتند اگر نیک دانی بگوی

به کلک فصاحت بیانی که داشت

به دلها چو نقش نگین برنگاشت

سر از کوی صورت به معنی کشید

قلم در سر حرف دعوی کشید

بگفتندش از هر کنار آفرین

که بر عقل و طبعت هزار آفرین

سمند سخن تا به جایی براند

که قاضی چو خر در وحل بازماند

خوش باشید