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A policy of genocide
But surely America does not have the soldiers for another illegal and immoral war?
August 16 , 2007

The devil's genius
Once again, ignoring a policy of diplomacy which would lead to peace, we are being led to war
July 21, 2007

High on hate?
Bush administration finds itself in a position where it needs to prepare the world opinion for mass genocide with a compelling reason
June 13, 2007

When oil and water mix
Bush & Co. hope to provoke a strong reaction from Iran in an attempt to justify a military attack
May 25, 2007

Referendum or capitulation?
Shirin Ebadi ahould stick to defending the brave men and women who fight to institute change within Iran
April 28, 2007

Running on Inferno’s Platform
A man like McCain is not fit to hold political office
April 20, 2007

A war to spread terror
We must determine our own destiny today lest someone robs us of our future with their actions
April 16, 2007

UN security or gang rape?
UN Security Council passes resolution to take Iran's defenses away
March 26, 2007

No more encores
The nuclear program is not the reason
February 27, 2007

Terrorist by any other name
The blueprints for an attack on Iran have already been drawn
February 12, 2007

G W & Hillary
The other side of the same coin
February 5, 2007

Outsourcing terrorism
This is President Bush’s call to war on Iran -- Operation Galio or false flag at work
January 28, 2007

Reading Bush
The U.S. has declared war
January 12, 2007

Diminishing glory
If Iranians wish to claim their past glory, they owe it to future generations to defend their country today
December 28, 2006

Draft test?
President Bush cannot find soldiers who are willing to die for his crusade
December 23, 2006

Deal and no deal
U.S. threatens sanctions against Iran while signing nuclear deals with India and China
December 19, 2006

Time to unite
One issue all Iranians came to agree on over the past couple of years was being firmly against regime change through American military force
December 11, 2006

Blind ambition
Reza Pahlavi is so eager to have a place in history and in Persia that he pleads with warmongers to make the innocent Iranian people suffer
December 6, 2006

Wake up call
War waged by Israel in Lebanon is prelude to war on Iran
July 23, 2006

Pre-emptive genocide?
Nuking Iran will morally bankrupt humanity
April 9, 2006

Nuking innocence
Iran is being set up for “an unprovoked nuclear attack”
March 28, 2006


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