Israel facing ‘greatest economic crisis in its history’ Comment
Iran Calls on the US to Stop Internal Oppression
by TeleSur June 1
“Game Over” With Sharmine Narwani – The East Is A Podcast Comment
Iran’s rapid rise in Covid-19 cases stokes fears of second wave
by The Guardian June 1
Iran will carry on sending more fuel to Venezuela if requested by Maduro government
by RT June 1
Burning America: Be Careful What You Wish For
by Tom Luongo May 31
New Majlis Vows Tough Line on US Ties Comment
Trump’s National Security Advisor says Iran, China, Zimbabwe behind US riots 🤣
by The Iranian May 31
Iran criticises US over police killing, slams racism Comment
US Slams Iran-Venezuela “Distraction” As 4th Tanker Docks Without Incident
by Zero Hedge May 30
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This And That

Senior military officer on Trump statement: "So we're going to tell our soldiers that we're redeploying them from the Middle East to the midwest? What do we think they're going to say, 'yeah, sure, no problem?' Guess again."

Venezuela: The fifth and final Iranian ship, Clavel, was ushered in by the navy overnight, entering Venezuelan waters at 3:23am. It's headed for one of the country's refineries. @teleSURenglish

Iran is one of the few countries in the international community to condemn state violence in the US and pledge its support for the American people. When will Europe and other nations follow?

Twitter feed video.Iran is one of the few countries in the international community to condemn state violence in the US and pledge its support for the American people. When will Europe and other nations follow?
Abas Aslani@AbasAslani

#Iran's Foreign Ministry spox to American people: The world has heard your outcry over the State oppression. The world is standing with you...The American regime is perusing violence & bullying at home & abroad...Stop violence against your people & let them breathe.

Shocking views as the US capital burns.

Nancy Pelosi "If this whole Capital burns to the ground, the only thing that would remain is our commitment for Israel". #protests2020

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Israel facing ‘greatest economic crisis in its history’
by Middle East Monitor 10 hours ago
Where Do Many Police Departments Train? In Israel 2 Comment(s)
Russia blasts US for ending Iran sanctions waivers, quitting international treaties
by Press TV May 28
2 Comment(s)
Huge Oil Fields Could Help Iran To Seize Saudi Market Share In China
by Simon Watkins May 28
1 Comment(s)
The battle over state TV in Iran
by The Economist May 28
1 Comment(s)
112 Missile Boats Delivered to IRGC Navy
by Tasnim News May 28
2 Comment(s)
Iran’s Economy Is in Crisis; Its Stock Market Is on a Tear Comment
Iran’s parliament elects Qalibaf as new speaker
by IRNA May 27
Pompeo Revokes Waivers to Convert Iranian Nuclear Plants to Civilian Use Comment
Ilhan Omar: Saudi Arabia, Israel have too much influence on US foreign policy 2 Comment(s)
President Rouhani pushes for harsher laws on honor killings
by Associated Press May 27
I Belong In This Country, But The Census Doesn’t Recognize That
by Nicki Ghafari May 27
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Third Iranian fuel cargo reaches Venezuelan waters, others unloading – data
by Reuters May 26
Iran surges in Venezuela in defiance of US sanctions 4 Comment(s)
Iran-China trade falls 40% in 4 months year over year
by Tehran Times May 26
1 Comment(s)
The Wisdoms in Khamenei’s ‘Guidelines to Liberate Palestine’
by Agha Hussain May 25
5 Comment(s)
Iran: Is another White Revolution brewing? Comment
Turkey delaying Iranian pipeline repair for leverage with Tehran, U.S.
by Ahval May 25
Iran’s Zanganeh says hard to predict oil prices as demand unclear Comment
Petroglyphs hold clues to 14,000 years of human life in Iran
by Tehran Times May 25
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