Afsaneh and Enayat

Afsaneh, a Qashqaie girl, lives near Bahman Dam in the plains of Fars together with her mother. In less than four months, Afsaneh will be

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Maral Karimi

Darke maa shodan

ALSO By Maral Karimi Beh jaaye monologhaaye faryaadi Dialogue vs. confrontation Cheraa farhange lompanizm? Language and education

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Travel warning

Since 2009, Iranian authorities have prevented the departure of a number of Iranian-American citizens, including journalists and academics, who traveled to Iran for personal or

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Suckers come in all forms

I heard about the American Taliban fighter the other day and my initial reaction, like everybody else around the world was, “NO SHIT!?” What’s so

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Merry Yalda

Lecture at the Colorado Persian Society on December 20, 2001. First of all let me apologize for my harsh voice that is punctuating my words

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Let him go home

I got an email today from someone who knew me long ago. “Salaam. Behrooz ro mishenaasi? Dar Iran 1980-1? Meidaane Kakh?” (Hi. Do you remember

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Wonder and magic

From backcover of Hamid Dabashi's Close Up: Iranian Cinema, Past Present and Future (2001, Verso): Abbas Kiarostami planted Iran firmly on the map of world

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Beleaguered beautiful Beirut

Israel never lets you forget you are in Beirut, “the only Arab capital occupied by Israel.” They “buzz” the city quite frequently. “Buzzing” is a

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