Can’t forget or forgive

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My brother's birthday in #745 Beraim.

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These pictures of my childhood in Abadan and the war with Iraq are still so vividly alive in my memory.

Two weeks ago I had a patient, a 38 year-old Iraqi man with chest pains secondary to a wound from a G-3 bullet still in his chest cavity clearly seen by x-ray. He had sustained the wound at Bahmanshir River right behind Abadan, exactlly on one of the days I was on the other side of the river during my service in the war.

I examined him, kept my professional look up and wrote some pain medicine and referred him to a thoracic surgery consultant. When he was leaving he held my hand and looked deep into my eyes. He had that same smile all Iraqis have. I remember so well. For a second hatred came back to me. I said to myself “I wish the bullet had gone little to the left!”

For an hour after he left I felt nauseated and my spine felt cold. I was just not myself. I just can't forget and forgive. Sorry, I can not!

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