To happier times

“Farhad is in a coma in an apartment in Paris, with his wife,” a friend emailed today. “The doctors there have said he cannot be treated, but maybe they're wrong.”

Here's to a man whose songs — every sad one of them — will forever remind a nation of happier times:

(30 total)

(30 total)

Music from his greatest hits album:

Hafteh-ye Khaakestari

Music from his 1996 comeback CD, “Khaab dar beedaari“:

* Mard-e Tanha
* Najva
* Windmills of Your Mind
* Yesterday When I Was Young
* To raa doost daaram
* Kooch-e banafsheh-haa
* Khaab dar beedari
* Gonjeshgak (remake)
* Yesterday (Beatles song)

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