Lord Penis

Lord Penis

Would you like more ketchup with your mustard gas?

I want to start another war

A cool war

A sacred war

A memorable war

Against the enemy;

Who is tall or short,

Yellow or green,

Good or evil;

Well, it doesn't really matter

So get ready Ramadan,

There's pork barbecue coming your way!

This time, I will fight for some cause

Like terrorizing those terrorists who eat kebabs not burgers

Like putting their women in shrouds not chadors

Or like famishing little limbs of their little

Children who have yet to learn

How to really kill in a holy way.

This time, I will polish my nails in expensive Black,

Oozy and greasy,

Will write a letter to GOD:

“Look how I turned out,

so fashionably Changiz

bet you never thought that I

could give you a noble hobby

something to do till you fall sleep:

counting skeletons,

bet you never predicamismated.”

This time, when I start another war

I'll surely win,

Don't worry,

Hollywood can make revolutions

(a series, perhaps?)

with Savior W and his bush girls:

Pamela, Demi, Condoleezza,

I'll surely win,


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