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Barring a last minute deal in one of the many not so secrete meetings between Islamic Republic and various intermediaries and emissaries, the regime in Tehran is about to harvest what it has been sowing for the past quarter of a century. The confluence of past deeds, most if not all, criminal, is about to catch-up with it and become a powerful torrent that has the potential to sweep away the “first government of God on earth” — closing this dark chapter of Iranian history.

The question now, as before, is what is to be done. Should the Islamic Republic be allowed to exist as is, somewhat restrained, in spite of the overwhelming dissatisfactions at home and grumblings abroad? Should it be somehow modified just enough to meet the minimum civilized standard for a viable, begrudgingly acceptable by the Iranians, governing scheme, as the regime's internal “reformist” faction advocates? Should a pinprick “surgical” military strike be employed to postpone the eventual acquisition of nuclear capability at the service of the mad mullahs, or the slate needs to be wiped clean a la Iraq and Afghanistan?
The first policy option should be a non starter, as it has been tried ad nauseam bringing us to where we are. The IRI is specious with preferential oil, or for that matter; any deals, till it is equipped to effectuate its declared maniacal designs. The hapless Iranians and a host of other innocent victims have bore the brunt of IRI venom until now. Is the world community willing to gamble on the judicious use of the trigger by the likes of Mullah Ali and his alter ego Rafsanjani?

The latter, not long ago, publicly displayed his imbecilic understanding of the awesome destructive power of nuclear warfare in addition to his  humanistic principles. According to him, damages arising from a nuclear exchange between Israel and the “Moslem world” are inconsequential due to the numerical superiority of Muslim to Jew ratio; hence, there will be more Moslems left standing after Jews have been annihilated. As the Persian proverb aptly puts it, a scorpion's sting is not a matter of behavior but an existential reality.
The kinder gentler Islamic Republic option as advocated by the former hostage takers, intelligence ministry functionaries and alike, who have turned reformer, has had the backing of the desperate populace in two stage managed “elections” to no avail.

First it was that if only they had the Presidency, having had that it was time to ask to have the majority of what goes for a parliament in the Islamic Republic. They got that too and a second bite of the apple with a second presidential term on top of almost all of the municipality posts, all for naught.

What they got to show for it is a warehouse full of alluring slogans, too many broken bones and spirits of those who put their body and soul on the line, dungeons filled to the brim with the brightest, sprinkled with a few of their own should the need arise to employ them as the alternatives with national acclaim ñ and many who were literally butchered on their watch. To try the tried is folly.
The “surgical” or otherwise military action would be akin to handing the IRI what it desperately wants and needs. They are banking on it as they did during their first year in power to arise the ever present nationalistic sentiments to come to their rescue by default. It is no accident that Mullah Ali is coating the acquisition of the nuclear capability in a nationalistic garb, or the defense of the “beloved homeland” has entered into their Islamic lexicon.

Not long ago one was hard pressed to hear or read any reference to Iran's name without the mandatory Islamic preface. By all accounts Iranians are mostly pro-West, Alienating the nation would be an almost certain consequence of any military action. That would be throwing out the baby with the bath water.

The problem with all these policy options is and has always been the erroneous take on the nature of the IRI. Rather than being a regime with some wayward policies, IRI is a criminal enterprise, therefore, it does not respond to political maneuvering. 

What needs to be utilized is RICO (Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organization Act) on a global scale. Dry up their overseas booty, and see the various well known Dons and Capos turn on one another in search of funds to keep their gangs of thuggish Enforcers happy in order to keep on protecting them from the suffering nation.

Iranians have paid their dues for admittance into the Democratic club many times over. The solution to the Islamic Republic menace is within Iran; the people of Iran are ready, able and have demonstrated their willingness to do what it takes >>> News & politics forum

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