Jaan-e shirin

I always saw the Iranian.com's “nothing is sacred” moto and never paid too much attention to it, well, that is up until a few days ago…

I received an email that was meant well but instead it made me upset. The email was for celebration of “Eid Ghorbaan”, aka the day in which a zillion sheep in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere get whacked by sacrifice-happy Moslems all around the world. It simply said “Eid Ghorbaan Mobaarak” but it made my blood boil because it made me realize there's nothing “mobaarak” or jolly about this event and in fact it should be a day of mourning instead of celebration, mourning for loss of God's most precious gift, life!

I am well aware that death is a natural part of the life cycle and that we're all gonna kick the bucket sooner or later, sheep included, and that if it wasn't for the Islamic butchering the sheep would've had to go somehow someday, but what bothers me is the sheer waste of it all. I would had not complained if the meat from the butchered animals were distributed amongst the malnourished people of africa and elsewhere. It's the fact that these animals end up getting buried in the Arabian dessert is what bothers me the most. It's hot there folks, meat doesn't last sitting around for a while!

Think about it, in our solar system our planet seems to be the only one supporting life, and even here if we compared the mass of all living things vs. the mass of the not-living things it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to realize that life is greatly out-weighed by lack of it. Hence it is truly a precious gift bestowed by the almighty upon living things, from bacterias to plants to fish to birds to mamals we all one common goal and strive for one and only thing: to stay alive, as the BeeGees said it best!

Now the notion of destroying God's gift in the name of god is absured. It's as rediculous as fucking for the name of virginity, pardon my French but that's how stupid it really is. Do you really think the true creator of such magnificent universe really needs your measly sheep or chickens to feel powerful and appreciated?

People, If you really wanna get on God's good side, how about helping a needy family out, or sponsering one of the millions of hungry people in the world or helping a narcotic addict get their act cleaned out or spending some quality time with the old lonely people in nursing homes so all these lesser fortunate people can enjoy that great gift of life bestowed upon then just a tad more. Let's celebrate life and not destroy it cuause hey, “mayaazaar moori ke daanekesh ast ke JAAN DAARAD O JAANE SHIRIN KHOSH AST”!

As a seyed (directly related to mohammad) and a former moslem (and no I haven't converted to any other sect, I seek my God direct and without middlemen now a days) I'm ashamed of any relegion that practices destruction in such mass scale, and today celebrating the Iranian.com's motto I say that not even Islam and its core practice of Hajj are definitely not sacred.

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