The following notes are from Aman Ardalan's weblog, He lives in the Washington DC area. Also see related flash animation by Moe.

Aman I have now decided that I’m going to raise a fundraiser. The catch is that you don’t have to pay any money. The more reply’s I get, the more popular my site will be. That means that everyone can start seeing my site and it will get world known. That is my goal for now. So please start replying to my website and what you think about the idea of me being president of Iran. s

How are you Today? I want to be President of Iran because it is a great idea and I will love being President. I will share money if you don’t have any money. I will share peace. And I will have good laws. I will come back soon so make sure and visit my site s

Picture of Aman and Amir Here is my picture and my Vice President who is my brother, We will have fun me being President, and my brother Vice President. s

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