Metamorphosis in Athens

I left the museum and made one final tour of the surrounding houses and ancient stones at the foot of the Acropolis, savouring images of a city that had finally seduced me. Catching a taxi back to the hotel I went up to my wife who had in her practical way already packed our luggage. Before leaving for the airport we had lunch at a Greek restaurant in one of the chic streets of Kolonaki.

As we awaited our dish of salmon and rice, my wife handed me a small gift wrapped box. “I wanted to thank you for a memorable time,” she said, looking at me with those big eyes, enchanting me with her lovely smile. I opened the present and found a silver and green worry bead. “It's lovely,” I whispered, leaning over the table to kiss her.

We left Athens with a feeling that our love affair with this marvellous city had just begun, awakening a desire to learn more about its many layers. And these words sprung from Lalaounis' book titled “Metamorphoses”: “Every work of art contains a message, an idea, it is a symbol and a memory that links the past with the present.” >>> See photos

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