When he was needed most

A few weeks ago America lost a great diplomat and an Arabist, who knew more about Middle East than any high ranking official in the

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Racial profile yourself

Dear Ms. Ann Jacobsen, [Terror in the Skies, Again?] Your recent recount of the events on June 29th sound extremely worrying and troublesome to me

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A vision for Farda

Introduction Radio Farda's new website creates the expectation in its viewers that they are at an online news website. But looking a bit deeper reveals

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Top gunned down

His left eye was gouged out, leaving an empty socket, his body was riddled with bullets, and his entire torso was black and blue from

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Dictators are rarely tall

Long years ago I read an article on class of rulers known by the nomenclature of dictators. The common characteristic of the dictator as pointed

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Animal farm

First featured on …. 17 paintings …. …. 17 paintings …. Say goodbye to spam! * *

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