Plain politics

Moji Momeni's piece [She's OK] supporting Goli Ameri's election to the U.S. House of Representatives, came across very much similar as a campaign commercial, with a very strong and partisan tone to it. In fact I would not hesitate to assume that you have ignored all principles of spreading the “Get out to vote”, message in a non-partisan fashion.

First issue that I have problem with is this mysterious “we” you constantly refer to. Does this mean we the Iranians, or we the Oregan Repulican Party supporters? Or maybe it narrows itself down to we the Iranian Republicans of the great state of Oregon?!

The second issue, is the fact that you have not included a very informitive and comprehensive synopsis of your candidate's accomplishements and acheivements, that supposedly distinguishes her from her opponent and singles her out as such a qualified individual to become a representative.

And yet you are asking people who do not live in thar district one to spread the word to those who are eligible to vote, particularly the young and impressionabe segment of the population? Why should they? What is your solid and credible reason for that? You have failed to make your case.

It is far from realistic to suggest that Ameri's candidacy should not be regarded as a political event! It IS an event, and it has everything to do with politics, as it's true with all other elections. How can you willingly or unwillingly omit such an obvious fact from your call to support?

Apparantly, you have chosen to turn your back, and ignore the elephant it the room, that is the dominant presence of special interest groups in Washington DC and the way they dictate how each member should vote on a certain issue.

I hate to dissapoint you, but the story is not as simple as you might think it is, that an elected representative would have their constituents's best interest at heart and if they do not perform satisfactorily, he or she will simply not earn your, or our vote, next time around.

The issue of strong and determined participation in the political scene in this country is a very valid and appropriate matter to be concerned about and advocated accordingly. But this process should also remain free of political influences of the different parties. Decisions should be made by individuals based on their own opinion regarding current political and social dillemmas.

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