Boycott cafe

The story I'm about to tell is a 100% true. None of this has been fictionalized or over-exaggerated. This is a story that really needs to be told. This is not intended to be overly-self righteous, or vicious, it's just a terrible experience that I had. [ has left the name of cafe out for legal reasons.]

A few weeks back I had the misfortune of setting foot in Cafe ….. in Houston. I'm seated promptly and a male waiter comes to take my order. The restaraunt was quite empty and I was the only person inside. I place my order, then proceed to get up to go freshen up in the ladies room, after I wash my hands and freshen up I walk out going directly back to my seat, I notice two guys behind the counter hudldling over staring intently at something. Wierd, I thought trying not to pay any mind to them.

They continued to stare at the object with their backs to me as if they didn't want me to see what it was. I'm not sure if they were even aware that I had returned from the restroom or if they just didn't care. I stared hard trying to move my head from right to left to try to get a view of what they were looking at, I then realized it was a magazine.

Now with my curiousity sparked I stare in their direction wondering what was so interesting about this magazine that they just had to look at it right then and there. What I saw next left me sick to my stomach and extremely angry. The two perverts were looking at hard core pornography, in broad daylight in front of customers!

The two guys didn't think I had seen anything, so they slyly put it away, and busied themselves with some minor work. My food came like 2 minutes later, but I was so enraged and disgusted. I no longer felt hungry. I must have eaten about 2 bites when I decided to get a to-go box. I packed my food, paid and then left. As soon as I left I found a trash can and dumped the food that I had got from there. I have vowed to warn everyone of what I witnessed there that day.

I will NEVER go to Cafe ….. in Houston EVER, EVER again. I also encourage EVERYONE, young, old, paraplegic, healthy and otherwise to BOYCOTT Cafe ….. in Houston because the males are shovenistic, disgusting pigs that see every woman as an unworthy object.

Mainly however I HIGHLY encourage WOMEN to boycott Cafe …. and its affiliates (….. and the …..) because of their extreme disrespect towards females. Another legitimate reason not to go to Cafe ….. in Houston is you never know whether or not you may get sex juice in your food or drink!

Ladies if you agree with me write and let your voices resound.

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