Heads or tails

Message to 'Women from Iraq & Iran: Visionaries for Peace in the 21st Century Conference', Westfield State College, Westfield Massachusetts, April 14-17, 2005. I know

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Shahriar Zahedi

Seems like a dream

I just got back from a trip to Central Asia. I went from Shanghai to Urumqi in Chinese Turkistan (Xinjiang) and then to Dushanbe in

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Post mortem of a strategy

PARIS — It is generally argued that the strategy post 'September 11' was fatally flawed as it wiped out traditional conformist wisdom of a measured

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Cohen kohan

Here are some thoughts to build upon: Jewish tradition, based on the Torah, is that all Kohanim are direct descendants of Aharon, the original Kohen.

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Memory and rain

Rain in San Francisco is similar to rain in Seattle, especially some place green like Funston Avenue where I live, but rain in Seattle belongs.

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