Cohen kohan

Here are some thoughts to build upon:

Jewish tradition, based on the Torah, is that all Kohanim are direct descendants of Aharon, the original Kohen. The line of the Kohanim is patrilineal: it has been passed from father to son without interruption from Aharon, for 3,300 years, or more than 100 generations, the approximate time of the Exodus from Egypt, the lifetime of Aharon Kohen.

The word “Kohan” in Persian has a derivative such as “Kaahen” meaning “the one who can see into the future”. Both words are also related to the word “Kaahenaat” which in modern Persian is pronounced “Kaa'enaat”, a word which is plural in nature and could be translated into “the timeless universes of beingness”.

The fact that the meaning of the word Cohen has turned with time into “priest” or “the one who is in the service of the Lord” is more related to the social position of those who were named Cohen in the community. But that does not indicate the meaning of the word itself. It relates more to the fact that in any community ancients or ancient families usually gave guidance to the rest of the community.

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