Yaadhaa va khaaterehaa

Once again thanks to Dr. Meshginpoosh you can listen to some of the hard to find beautiful songs of the past. These songs were selected and convereted from Dr. Meshginpoosh's collection on reel tapes.

Zande Vaki: Dar fekre to boodam
Zande Vakil: On negahe garme to
Golpayegani: Gole gerye
Dariush: Zohre
Korous Sarhangzadeh: Digeh bas kon
Ahdieh: Ashegh shodam man
Ahdieh: Delam tange
Ahdieh: Ghasam
Ahdieh: Ashke penhoon
Soroosh Izadi: Afarin
Hayedeh: Shirin Jaan
Shamiezadeh: Bito besar nemishavad
Shamiezadeh: Ey rafteh az yad


January 6, 2004

This album features beautiful songs. Afkham, Khatereh Parvaneh and Parivash were singers employed by the Ministry of Culture and Art which meant the songs could only be heard from radio or TV. My sincere thanks to Dr. Meshginpoosh for selecting and digitizing these songs.

Parivash: Shoor Yaa Rab
Gloria Roohani: Ey Joonam
Tooraj: Abu Ata
Soroush Izadi: Begardesh Farvardin
Emad Ram: Niaaz
Esfandiar Tahouri & Khatereh Parvaneh: Goftam Goftaa
Afkham: Raaz-e Gardoon
Emad Ram: Nemidaanam Cheara


December 13, 2004

This collection of rare and hard to find original songs (all my personal favorites which I had been looking for) were digitized from old records and tapes by Dr. Meshginpoosh. I am eternally grateful to him for making my dreams of sharing my favorite songs with so many people, a reality.

* Beheshteh: Aroosi
* Aghasi: Botparast
* Artoosh: Nefrin
* Parvin: Mastaaneh Raftam
* Aref: Sooz o Saaz
* Aref: Bee To Cheh Konam
* Alimorad: Aroos-e Daryaa
* Alimorad: Tanhaaee
* Manouchehr: Ghesey-e Mahtaab
* Ghasem Jebeli: Paaeez
* Mehrpooya: Marg-e Ghoo
* Ghasem Jebeli: Maryam


April 20, 2004

The tracks below were originally recorded from radio to reel tape several decades ago by a teenager who loved Iranian music. Some of the songs have never been commercially produced. Therefore great thanks go to Dr Manouchehr Meshginpoosh (now a retired cardiologist in Ohio) who shared his personal collection exclusively for Iranian.com visitors.

I cried tears of joy when I heard some of the songs for the first time. I had been looking for them for so many years. I look forward to further collaborations with Dr. Meshginpoosh to provide music fans the opportunity to hear many of our rare and unpublished musical heritage. Also I would like to thank Dr Saudi for introducing Dr. Meshginpoosh.

* Mehrpooya: Nassim-e Mehregaan
* Manouchehr & Elahe: Shogh-e Deedaar
* Vigen: Laa Laaee
* Shams: Maktab-e Eshgh
* Change Talaiee
* Roohbakhsh: Dam-e Garage
* Manouchehr: Senobar
* Ahdieh & Badiee: Maadar
* Nariman: Laa Laaee
* Ghassem Jebeli: Donyaa
* Alborzi & Zohreh (Kurdish): Khesh Khesh
* Khatereh Parvaneh: Avaaz dar Shur
* Mehdi Takestani (tar): Shirazi Folklore

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