Does Injustice Matter?

Does injustice matter?

Does it matter? Losing your case?

For (higher) law will always be kind

To those hunting for justice.

And you need not show that you mind

When power comes in to gobble their splendid work

As you sit on the isle remembering

And turning your heart to the light.

Does it matter? That they threw your dreams to the pits?

Forget those dreams and be glad

And people won’t say that you’re mad

For they’ll know that you fought for a fad,

The principles!

And no one will scold you a bit.


The Guard
In a frenzied court house he sits still

The leap of a file from its container

Makes his sunken eyes instantly tremble,

Scratching his cropped hair,

Like the ghost of a scarecrow in the field

Sustained by his immovable, faded chair

He’s already died in its care.

This village of voices explores his death.
I am thinking of how he may one day be

The savior of one.


Leaving To Court
Monday morning at 9 O’clock as

The court begins its ritual

I silently close the door behind me

Holding on to the note that I hope to assist me

In my presentation.

Stepping inside is easy

Sitting next to a woman clutching her handkerchief

And a man reading his subpoena, struggling hard

To make sense of it.

Something tells me we are all alone

Not a chance to prove our cases

With prior appointments with defeat.

But why should law treat us so thoughtlessly

Quietly turning its backside key on

Silently vacating its fair senses?
The creatures of this ritual

Are made of metal and gas.


Silent Court
The room is empty. The walls

Keep glancing at me guiltily

Struck by my dumb presence.

They have all the elements of

Ancient drama, indicting walls

Their austere, fresh painting

Glancing at me guiltily.

I keep waiting patiently

Sunk by their spirit of



Forbidden Smiles
All the things that judges love through their door

Run well with their pry and pore

A voice, a whisper, a proper attire

Cheering smile of sun through the window

Reminding them: A wiser authority

Is still at work.

That smile forbids the thought

Tranquil assurance that feeble justice

Upholds the social fabric


Learning Law
I learn – but not by reading alone

Resolving into one great seminar

On the complete works of law

The conversations they hold by the side bar.


Off To The Side Bar
A sudden drop of eye brows

And slink to the side,

Announces that the judge is in the house!

Fast and demanding, in vivid tribute

To the giants and their fondest tribunals

A flirty romp through the blues

Of rules of evidence against a backdrop

Of bored jurors, the judge fills a blackboard

Of swaggering legal exuberance.

My bout of hope and despair

Momentarily grew heavier:

The black robe was hideously dark.

I could not sink the illumination in.

There he sat, like a savage uncaged

Behind a carnal, corrupted disguise

Of neutrality, under the mask

And ether of justice.

With a tongue of burial and

A hangman’s gaze,

Held me in contempt.

Hatred is not a legal value.

When justice is kidnapped

By its own emotional blackmail

Like a solitary miser

With no one to confess to

Law stands at ground zero

Forced to exit the back door

Lamenting the plague of fables

Of steel justices giving cold shoulder

As soldiers do in their glory of trenches

To the fat of their fear.

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