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A day in my life

11:00 PM — Naz and I go to bed. It has been a long day and we are both tired. 11:59 PM — Dara wakes

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Face on

Face transplantion is a hot news item these days. For the first time in History a face transplant has been successfully performed in real Life.

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Myth or misunderstanding?

While it is true that this messiah/Mahdi prophecy can be perverted and utilized by dangerous political leaders as a tool of justification for their personal

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I wonder

I sit here and wonder why so many of the Iranian community have now participated in what appears to be a forced diasporas of sorts,

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Quelle belle libido!

PARIS — I was in the House of Commons on an invitation, had the pleasure of shaking hands with the notorious David Blunkett, an acknowledged

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Reza M

Digital Hafiz

Shahram S. Nahavandi was born in 1950 in Gorgan, IRAN. He lived most part of his teen years in the beautiful city of Ahvaz and then

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Latest * Molla Mostafa * Hargez Hargez Thanks to Milad Sfandiary From “Ghaasedak” CD 1. Ham Avaz 2. Khalvat 3. Hargez 4. Che Begam? 5.

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