* Biya Keh Delam Tangeh
* Mey Benoosh
* Sokoot
* Afsoungar
* Khoon Shod Delam
* Khosh Adaa
* Biya Berim Khooneh
* Aroosi
Thanks to Milad Sfandiary

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Music retrieved from damaged tapes

* Eshghe Soozaan (1960s)
* Havaar Havaar
* Ashegh Shodan Div
* Shame Sahari
Thanks to Milad Sfandiary


Many fans of the legendary Pooran may not know that she first began singing as “Baanooye Naashenaas” (Anonymous Lady). Some of her songs under that name were not released. These are from the Dr. Meshginpoosh's personal archives reproduced exclusively for iranian.com visitors to listen and enjoy. Few of the songs are currently available on various CDs. — Azam Nemati

* Ay Doktor! (with Vigen)
* Shab Bood
* Police! (with Vigen)
* Ashegham
* Goli Jaan
* Raaz o Neeyaaz (with Hamid Ghambari)
* Dastbande Talaa
* Tak Derakht
* Marmar
* Balaa
* Mahtaab
* Dokhtar-e Sahraa
* Ghoncheh
* Shaam-e Vafaa
* Chaarghade Golgoli
* Yaad-e Javaani
* Eshgh o Shaaeri

“Golhaaye Rangaarang, 10” is another beautiful album capturing the performances of some of Iran's legendary masters with the voice of two favorite singers. A true treat! The six tracks below include “Golhaaye Rangaarang # 420” with Mahasti, Iraj (Players: Yahaghi) and “Golhaaye Rangaarang # 425” with Ghavami, Pouran (Players: Shahnaz, Bahari, Eftetah).
Music: Maroufi.

* Track 1
* Track 2
* Track 3
* Track 4
* Track 5
* Track 6

More from other CDs:

* Veeroon beshi ey del
* Vah cheh balaee ey del
* Emrooz o Fardaa
* Asheqi bad dardi-yeh
* Molla Mamad Khan
* Faraar Az Sarnevesht (MP3)


* With Vigen: Shaaneh
* With Aref: Khaare raah
Image of original record

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