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A rant based on this page on Wikipedia about politically-motivated euphemism:

WWI: Sauerkrat and Hamburgers renamed to “Liberty Cabbage” and “Liberty Burgers” to rally anti-German sentiment. In the U.K., the German Shepherd was renamed the Alsatian, and in Canada, the Ontario city of Berlin was renamed Kitchener.

1920: Kafe Elliniko (“Greek coffee”) replacing Kafe Turkiko (“Turkish coffee”) on Greek menus after the Turkish-Greek collisions.

1936: Filete Imperial (“imperial beef”), a euphemism for Filete Ruso (“Russian beef”) and “Ensaladilla Nacional” (“National Salad”) instead of “Ensaladilla Rusa” (“Russian salad”), both appearing in Spain after the triumph of the Fascist General Francisco Franco.

WWII: Frankfurter renamed to “Hot Dog”. In Czechoslovakia , the German Shepherd was again renamed the Alsatian.

1974: The Chinese Gooseberry is renamed to Kiwifruit , naming it after the Kiwi, the national bird of New Zealand. Due to the Cold War, the Chinese label seemed unfit for popularization of the fruit in Western countries.

1998: “French Loaves” were renamed “Kiwi Loaves” in New Zealand to protest against the French government testing nuclear weapons in the Pacific. At the same time the Australian T.V. show about a kangaroo called Skippy is broadcast in Iran with most of it censored and renamed to “Eschippy” for no apparent reason.

2003: French fries and French toast were renamed “Freedom Fries” and “Freedom Toast” at cafeterias in the US House of Representatives in 2003, after France opposed the US-led invasion of Iraq. French kissing, French poodles, French dip sandwiches, French ticklers, and French horns were not renamed freedom kissing, freedom poodles, freedom dip sandwiches, freedom ticklers, freedom horns. French maids were still in high demand.

2005: Iran's president announced he felt light-headed when delivering his espeech at the U.N., derfore it iz hiz kantreez right to use UN-clear technology for lighting purposes. Foreign ministry translators fired.

2006: Danish pastries were renamed to “Rose of Muhammad” in Iran as a result of the Muhammad cartoons controversy, and in Ardebil, “Panir Tabrizi” was replaced by “Panir Danmarki” to protest against Tabriz. Tabriz retaliated by launching a campaign with the slogan “Panir Tabriz bokhor nakareyeh gaav”.

2007: At the start of World War III , Persian Pistachios, Persian Rugs, Persian Cats, and Persian Caviar, were renamed to Peace-tachios, Independance rugs, Autonomy Cats, and Free Fish Eggs in protest to Irans misuse of nuclear technology to shine a beam of light everywhere its president went.

2010: The new Ice Age begins after world is destroyed by nuclear war. The first sentence uttered by the few survivors is considered offensive to some of the other survivors: “It's fucking freezing…!”

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