From generals to terrorists

After Azar Majedi published her open letter to Oriana Fallaci concerning latter racist views, “Anti-Islamism does not justify racism”, Mr. Ali sina has rambled in several pages to “answer” Azar with an Anti-communist and racist propaganda piece without any justified reasoning or of any value, “Viva Oriana!”.

Like almost every other anti-communist piece, Ali’s letter is full of swearing, repeating McCarthyist phrases and, of course, lies and incorrect facts represented as “Historical reasons”. My primary aim here is to expose this lies and incorrect facts and to show that how dangerous are this “non-violent” friends of us. Should Mr. Sina decided to read this letter I should remind him that I am a “Scary” communist, libertarian and egalitarian too so he can say his prayers before reading this or wash himself with a religious “Ghosl” just as an Islamists would do after shaking hand with me!

As I said my aim is not to discuss Sina’s article since I don’t see any honesty in his piece that would led to a healthy discussion. Same that I can't discuss with a brainwashed Muslim who swears on Koran and nothing else. His anti-communism is just same kind of prejudice and you don’t except this kind of people to actually listen to you. He put it quite well himself: “Frankly my dear! I don’t give a damn to what a commie thinks. You yourself are part of the problem and an obstacle in the way to democracy and peace.” And of course he has a “solution” to this “problem” which is killing us off in the way to paradise of Democracy! Just like his heroes, likes of Reagan, did. Even though I might want to look at few of his “Reasons” for justifying deportation of Muslims to their countries.

Mr. Ali says that he doesn’t call himself an atheist and that: “I see nothing wrong in religions. There is nothing wrong with Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism. If an ideology is tolerant of other beliefs, that ideology needs to be respected.” So he is actually trying to tell us that if there is something wrong with Islam is actually its “intolerance”. Should I inform him about witch burnings of Christianity? Should I remind him of what happens to children raised in Christian religious families?

Should I tell him that our history has been formed by renaissance and enlightenment against the holy Bible? Should I tell him of what happens to women in Hinduist Caste system in Asia?  Never mind. This is not classified as “intolerance” since they are only bothering their “own” people. The fact that a little girl born into a Hindu family has to obey all her life to her family with her only crime being “being born into a religious” family has nothing to bother Mr. Sina. After all it is their “own” affair and they are not bothering “others!”

One funnier thing is a notion in that article that Islamism and political Islam is a movement that is caused by “Muslims” and because Islam is being practiced by some people, Islamic Terrorism also exists. No way, my friend. It is completely the other way around. It is the very existence of Political Islam and Islamism movement (created by our dear USA and allies) that let the Islam still being practiced in 21st century and let people to be “Muslims” only when they are born into Arab or Iranian family. If it wasn’t for this movement, people of Middle Eastern countries would make another renaissance to push Islam back.

And here we come to talk about people in Islamic ridden countries. The so-called “Muslims”; the innocent people that Mr. Sina is trying to find a “Final Solution” for them.  Shameless governments of West, Mr.Sina, Khamenei and Islamic Scholars share a very important thing between themselves. The picture of people from “Islamic world”, that is. In their lectures and books, Arab and Iranian people are always pictured like prejudiced Muslims with Hijab who are heavily bothered by a sight of short-skirt.

As a teenager and a communist activist coming from Iran, I have no task bigger than exposing “the real picture” and showing that this is their biggest lie. I want to shout that People in Islamic Countries, especially in Iran, are not “Religious”. They are not that close-minded people and mobs that you catch on CNN. Would you like to see the real picture? Look at women who burn Hijab down in Tehran and Sanandaj, Iran! Look at anti-Hijab movement in Egypt!

Look at Sadeq Hedayat, Forough Farrokhzad, and Iraj Mirza — anti-Islamic and yet popular poets and writers in Iran! Look at Deeyah, the Muslim Madonna! Look at RAWA in Afghanistan! Look at the secular movement in Palestine! Look at Azar Majedi and Maryam Namazei! Look at Khiyal Ibrahim and Yanar Mohammad and Issam Shukri, the Iraqi communist activists! And first and foremost look at the great popular and anti-Islamic movement of Iranian people to overthrow the Islamic republic of Iran. Look at Socialist revolution that is going to take place in Iran!

I have written extensively against Multi-Culturalism and Cultural Relativism and I reject both as forms of racism. When the row happened over Muhammad cartoons I, along with people like Nick Cohen pointed out that this has nothing to do with civilizations conflict. In fact if there is a conflict is a one that happening inside Islam-ridden world between people and anybody who want to preserve Islam as “the natural belief of people” (as long as they don’t impose it on “others”!) including Islamic leaders and scholars, U.S. administrations and of course, Mr. Sina!

This was only two simple points from the article and I am not going to discuss the rest for the reasons given.

There is, however, one important thing to be done and that is to expose shameless lies and incorrect facts that were pointed in the article.  I will just list them:

  • Ali says that Hekmat has backed Soviet Union and Mao. This is a big fat anti-communist lie. Hekmat hasn’t the track record of supporting Maoism or Mao in a single article. Infact he came to political life with criticizing him and other currents of traditional left.
  • Ali says that Azar Majedi and Hekmat backed the Khomeni and “Islamic Revolution”. Another big fat lie. Hekmat never backed khomeni and his “Islamic revolution” for a second. Infact he was one of the staunch fighters against Khomeini, even before he come to power. He of course was one of the revolutionaries of 1979 revolution whose aim was to overthrow Shah’s regime. It was the western governments that dumped Khomeini on the people’s revolution and tried to name the revolution as “Islamic”. People wanted revolution for a better life and they, in the fear of communism and left-wing tendency, dumped Khomeini on us. Let’s not forget that he didn’t come to Tehran with his donkey from the Madrasah, but he did so with Air France from Paris. Western governments just loved Islam, because they knew its potential to kill Communists and Socialists.
  • Ali said that Union of Communist Fighters was founded in 1978 to fight Shah. Infact it was not founded until two years later in 1980 to fight Khomeini Regime and his “Islamic Revolution”. This was the real continuation of people wants and their revolution against injustice. This two year “fact mistake” helps Ali to cover his lie that I pointed out in number two.
  • Ali complains to Azar that “When was the last time you condemned Islamic terrorism perpetrated against America and the Western countries? When was the last time you condemned Hamas for its continuous terrorist attacks on Israel?” well lets see. Infact Azar has condemned Islamic Terrorism in his last article in “Yaddashtha” (a Persian paper) and has condemned Hamas for his attacks on innocent Israeli citizens only one month ago in “Anternasional” (WPI paper). Next time check one’s homepage before throwing your accusations!
  • Ali has accuses us of supporting North Korea and China. Very sorry, Mr. Sina. You got to check our papers, you know. We have written against both of these governments, especially about the capital punishment in China.

Although, as I said, Sina’s article wasn’t a really serious one but it is infact very informative. One can look at it and found out how dangerous these “non-violent” anti-communists are. Our world is being threshed by two poles of deadly terrorism; USA militarist terrorism and Islamic terrorism. People from all races and faiths are in danger from these poles. Nobody feels safe anymore with the world that is run by generals and terrorists. We have to stand to this and we, me, Azar and Iranian communists, have done so with forming the Third Camp.

If there is anything to be said for the last point is our strong denouncement of any court that wants to question Oriana Fallaci for her views. We believe in unconditional freedom of speech and expression. Ms.Fallaci has the right to express any views. I, also, strongly condemn the court that has put her on trial. If they want to jail her for ridiculing religion, they should first jail the modern thinking giants from Volter and Rousseau to Marx and Lenin.

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