When the sun Shines on your face You close your eyes and don't accept that my loneliness is the distance between knowing and understanding

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These days I can hardly keep my eyes open, barely a slit reading only one line before succumbing again to the wonderful warm sleep. But I am paid to

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Post-enghelab trees

the winds come unannounced with nothing but time in their pockets as i watch the trees sway in this ancient belly dance their bodies curve

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A letter to the war kids

Your lukewarm tears are mine, And my butterfly laughter is yours, From the land of flowers and dreams, I like to send chocolates and fairytales

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Over and under the veil

I am a senior at Stanford University majoring in Human Biology. I wrote this paper for a directed reading I did with Professor Abbas Milani.

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True two-face

United Nations general assembly came and went while different parts of the world are suffering from violence, poverty and injustice imposed on them mostly by

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Any good journalists left?

Last week we witnessed Ahmadinejad's theatrical performance in UN lecturing US and rest of the world on peace, justice, freedom of expression and importance of

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Maziar Behrooz

Anzali to Ardabil

This past summer I drove my parents to Rasht, Anzali and Ardabil. These photos are from Anzali to Ardabil through the Heyran Pass (Gardaneh Heyran).

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