Whores witth a Pen

Fuck analysts, experts, sources not wanting to be identified, sources close to Pentagon, anonymous western officials at the IAEA, military sources in Iraq, and the like.

In fact fuck the journalists, reporters, correspondents that use these sources, and fuck the news agencies and the media they work for.

These “whores with a pen” facilitated invasion and destruction of a country and are guilty of death of at least a million of Iraqis and they still enjoy their anonymity? Why?

Now they are carrying out the same shit regarding news about Iran.

“Sources within the IAEA who wish to remain anonymous due to the delicate matter of …” Well asshole, if the matter is so delicate why reveal it prematurely unless your purpose is to sabotage the talks? And then they cry mama when Iran rightfully requests their removal from the talks, inspection team, etc.

Long time ago, during a brief but very educational period of my life, I was kind of an apprentice for a very distinguished journalist. And he taught me of journalism’s five Ws and one H:


  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Why?
  • How?

What he didn’t teach me (probably because, it was not the norm in his days), was that most journalists, for ease of use, abbreviate the above terms to “how much.”

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